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Bishnoi’s bowling is about waiting for a mistake from batters: Mishra

Last updated on 08 Apr 2023 | 04:12 AM
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Bishnoi’s bowling is about waiting for a mistake from batters: Mishra

Amit Mishra also talked about the reasoning behind Bishnoi bowling earlier than him

Amit Mishra is a bonafide legend in the Indian Premier League (IPL), with 168 wickets, just two behind former Mumbai Indians’ superstar, Lasith Malinga. But in the last two years, opportunities seldom came the leg-spinner’s way, who has left out of the Delhi Capitals setup and had no suitors. 

Ahead of the 2023 IPL though, Lucknow Super Giants came calling for the leg-spinner, and in his very first game, Mishra made a big impact with two wickets and a stunning catch. In the post-match press conference, Mishra talked about his bowling style, and what differentiates him from the other leg-spinner, Ravi Bishnoi in the setup. 

“I have a lot of discussions with Bishnoi, and because he has a lot of pace, I give him tips on how to bowl to a specific batter and so on. Bishnoi’s bowling is about playing the waiting game, waiting for the batter to make a mistake but my bowling is different, I get the batters to make a mistake. That’s the big difference between the two of us,” Mishra said in the post-match press conference. 

With the pitch in Lucknow aiding spinners, the 40-year-old insisted that his plan was to bowl it simple and let the batter take the risk. 

“Didn’t change a lot, I tried to read the wicket and the conditions, and how the batters would play me. I got some success because of that, and I’m really happy with the team’s win,” he added.

When thrown the question, why did Bishnoi bowl before him? Mishra had to answer that the skiddy nature of the new ball meant Bishnoi would get more from the surface, and that was the big thought process behind the youngster getting the ball ahead of the veteran. 

“When the ball is new, it skids a lot, that was why Ravi Bishnoi bowled earlier with the new ball. It will turn more after that, so I was brought on later. Bishnoi is doing well as well, and both are very different kinds of bowlers,” he added.

“The bonding too between the both of us is so much, he keeps asking me what to do, and there is so much bond there. Every bowler isn’t the same, everyone have their own modus operandi.”

Lucknow thus far have made quite a few changes to their bowling front, and Mishra insisted that the franchise is giving opportunities to the best players, in a bid to get the best XI ahead of the crucial stages of the competition. 

“We are trying to get the best XI at this point because we want to get the best in the upcoming games. We are giving chances to the best players, in an attempt to get them ready for the game.”

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