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CA designs five-year plan to enhance the sport's long-term financial stability

Last updated on 15 Aug 2022 | 07:18 AM
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CA designs five-year plan to enhance the sport's long-term financial stability

Four interrelated strategic pillars containing 10 strategic priorities have been developed through extensive consultation with fans and other stakeholders from all parts of cricket.

Cricket Australia (CA) on Monday (August 15) has launched a new five-year plan designed to enhance the sport's long-term financial stability.

"Where the Game Grows is underpinned by the ultimate belief that cricket is truly a game for all; one that has incredible power to bring people together and benefit society, both on and off the field," CA said in a media release.

"It celebrates and respects cricket’s proud history while looking positively towards the future, seeking to drive bold, transformative change in digital experiences, junior participation, inclusion, gender equality, sustainability, reimagining the W/BBL, connection through storytelling and playing a part in developing the game globally," the release further added.

CA have come up with four pillars - Brilliant Experiences, Participation Growth, Inspirational Players and Teams and Sustainable Future - which contain 10 strategic priorities in order to take the game forward in Australia, wherein the main puropse of this is to uite and inspire everyone to love and play cricket.

"‘Where The Game Grows’ also sets the ambitious target of doubling the number of kids aged 5 to 12 registered to play cricket to 210,000 and increasing the number of girls registered in this age group to 60,000 over the next five years, contributing towards an overall registered participation target of more than 850,000," the CA furthe explain.

Speaking of this initiative, Dr. Lalchan Henderson, Cricket Australia Chair said, “We are delighted to present the new five-year strategic plan for Australian Cricket. This plan comes at a critical time as we seek to ensure our national sport grows and continues to flourish.

“It is important to recognise the firm footing on which cricket stands thanks to the efforts of those who have come before us and our players, match officials, staff and partners. The new strategy is informed by the knowledge and passion of those invested in cricket’s future and reflects our shared ambition.

“Australian Cricket has embraced the opportunity the game provides to bring people and communities together as a Sport for All that makes Australians proud. This new strategy will ensure we maximise the resources and opportunities to realise this ambition.”

Nick Hockley, the CEO of Cricket Australia is also confident that the game will continue to grow in the country especially given how well they have met the challenges the pandemic threw at them.

"We are exceptionally proud of the way Australian Cricket has continued to innovate and grow and particularly how it has met the vast challenges of the pandemic. This gives us even greater confidence that we can deliver on the ambitious priorities set out in the new five-year strategic plan.

“Cricket is rapidly evolving and, with that, so too are the ways cricket is played, watched and consumed. This strategy contains both a vision and a clear plan for how we can achieve bold, transformative change while also meeting our core responsibilities.

"This includes ensuring that cricket has a positive social impact, whether by providing more opportunities for women and girls, making the game more accessible to participants from culturally diverse backgrounds or taking the necessary steps to make the game environmentally sustainable.”

“As we look towards the future, I would like to thank everyone across the game for their passion and commitment as we work to unite and inspire everyone to love and play cricket and in so doing make cricket a sport for all that makes Australians proud.”

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