Thinking about India selection during IPL is wrong mindset - Samson

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15 Sep 2021 | 04:30 AM staff

Thinking about India selection during IPL is wrong mindset - Samson

Samson has been kept out of the Indian T20 squad for the upcoming World Cup in UAE and Oman

Sanju Samson blew up his chances by regularly underperforming for the Indian side in their tour of Sri Lanka and that subsequently resulted in him being ousted from the side for the T20 World Cup. However, come the IPL in less than a week's time, he would don the Rajasthan colors to lead the Royals in the Indian Premier League. Will the India snub play a part in his thought process? Samson certainly doesn't think so.

"Things are much clear. It's important to go into the team with a clear mind. There will be no doubts about the selection when IPL resumes," Samson told TOI.

"First of all, when you're playing for an IPL team and thinking about Indian selection, then it's a wrong mindset. People do talk a lot about Indian selection and cementing your place but that is actually a by-product - if you perform, you get opportunities," Samson states.

In IPL 2020, Steve Smith led the side but the franchise could only register six wins in total to finish as the wooden spooners. With the Royals releasing Smith ahead of the auction, the captaincy responsibility fell on Samson's shoulders. On being asked about the pressure, Samson stated that it is natural to go through that kind of pressure. 

"I think IPL is the most viewed tournament in the world. It will get you noticed. People do say good things about me and they also say other things as well. It's natural for me now," he claims. "Everyone is having that kind of pressure. And everyone goes through that kind of pressure, knowing that so many people are waiting outside anyway. That's the reason behind Indian cricket's success."

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