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From Gayle’s revenge ton to 49 all-out: Memorable RCB-KKR moments

Last updated on 05 Apr 2023 | 07:00 PM
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From Gayle’s revenge ton to 49 all-out: Memorable RCB-KKR moments

It is not as enticing a rivalry as CSK-MI or CSK-RCB but there are definite moments that stand out

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) have a weird rivalry. While it is impossible for you to know the head-to-head record and other stuff but you sure-shot will remember these incidents from the rivalry, be it Virat Kohli’s infamous fight against Gautam Gambhir or be it Andre Russell smashing Mohammed Siraj into oblivion. 

Or if you are indeed a fan of the Indian Premier League (IPL), you will remember Brendon McCullum, all the way back in 2008, when he smashed a rather sorry RCB bowling unit to all parts of Bangalore en route to his 158. This article is just for that, to refresh your tired memory, in no particular order. 

McCullum’s green day in Bangalore

Let’s go all the way back to April 18, 2008, the first day of the IPL. It was a time when people were still figuring out the format, some figuring out the switch from cable television to a dish TV, and some bowlers in red and gold trying to figure out where to bowl to Brendon McCullum.

McCullum was already a star but this knock ensured that he will forever be etched in the heart and souls of the IPL fans. RCB didn’t have the best bowling units but all credit to McCullum for the way he traded his spikes for dancing shoes as he smoked 13 sixes en route to the famous number ‘158’. 

T20 was still a format that was catching up in India, but the way McCullum danced around, at least a million more dreamt. That was the founding stone of this rivalry, and it was only ironic that McCullum then went on to play for RCB during the latter part of his career. 

KKR’s Revenge time for Chris Gayle

‘I’m Back,’ Chris Gayle announced his return to the competition with a stunning century against the franchise that let him go, KKR. It was for his new franchise, RCB, which absolutely needed someone like him at the top of the order. Needing 172, RCB needed a storm, a ‘Gayle-storm’ and the southpaw delivered. 

If it was 2023, guarantee Gayle would have walked out with a T-shirt underneath the jersey with the image ‘Talk nah, KKR’. The betrayal was real, and the southpaw channelled all his anger in the best possible way. He smashed his way to his first IPL century, the second-fastest in this edition of the competition. 

The best part wasn’t just the story, it was how Kohli nearly ruined his century. But alas, justice prevailed. 

Gambhir-Kohli exchanging haal-chaals

Two Delhihites meet each other, and the rest is a censored story. But jokes apart, this is one of the most memorable moments from this rivalry, when Gautam Gambhir and Kohli had a proper-go at each other. Greeting each other in the Delhi-manner. 

During the 2013 IPL, chasing a total of 156, RCB were well and truly ahead of the game with the partnership between Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle. Then Kohli’s dismissal triggered what was an unpleasant 5 minutes in IPL history, as the troika - Gambhir, Kohli and Balaji - had a go at each other. 

First, Balaji sent Kohli off with a celebration before Gambhir stepped in and decided his way of sending players away was better.

Bird? Superman? Nah, Chris Lynn

You might not remember the two teams playing, and you might not remember what happened that night but Chris Lynn’s catch is something that will forever be remembered and etched in your mind. It was straight out of the top-tier, upper draw, it was almost like he was with a cloak with the flight being surreal.

This is the scene: Vinay Kumar vs AB de Villiers, six runs off three balls, a packed Chinnaswamy is the one who has paid for this blockbuster. The ball is right in his slot and de Villiers has a crack at it but will it travel all the way? There is Lynn stationed at the boundary rope, he misjudged this, is that the match for KKR?

Nope, there he is, what a catch. What a time to pull off something this sensational. Take a bow, Lynn. 

Russell vs Siraj, two rounds, two winners

“Especially Siraj's over to Russell [was good] - he has had some history against Russell,” Kohli said after RCB’s clash against KKR in 2021. There was some history, there was some real history between the two, with the first episode way back in 2019. 

153/5 in 17 overs, KKR were staring at a defeat, a huge one. But then, Russell came out of the syllabus for RCB, in a knock that will always be remembered. Needing 54 of the last three overs, Andre Russell scored a 13-ball 48 and slaughtered the living hell of Siraj. 

It could have nearly ended Siraj’s IPL career but RCB backed him, and that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The trust that the franchise had was repaid when against Russell in 2021, Siraj turned out as a match-winner. He gave away just one run against Russell in the 19th over of the innings. Two rounds, two winners. Who will win the third?

RCB 49-all outHow can we forget this? The best for the last! Enough said this is probably a day that RCB fans will never forget. The meme-makers had content for a decade, and the ‘Ee Sala Cup Namde’ chants slowly faded away. 49 all-out. April 23, 2017, a day in RCB’s dark history, or just another day in their history. 

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