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Harmanpreet could have reached if she genuinely put in the effort: Healy

Last updated on 26 Feb 2023 | 06:32 AM
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Harmanpreet could have reached if she genuinely put in the effort: Healy

Alyssa Healy put the run-out down to being more aware in that particular situation

India were cruising during their semi-final against Australia at one point in the run-chase. But then, one run-out that of Harmanpreet Kaur changed the entire complexion of the encounter. The Indian skipper attempting the second run had her bat stuck to the ground, and was run-out by the Australian wicketkeeper, Alyssa Healy

In the post-match presentation, Indian skipper actually insisted that she was terribly ‘unlucky’ with the dismissal. But Healy had other thoughts, stating that if the right-hander did put in ‘genuine’ efforts, she would have made it across the line. 

“So, just a bizarre play. Harmanpreet can say all she likes that it was so unlucky. At the end of the day, she cruised back and probably could’ve been passed the crease, an extra two meters if she genuinely put in the effort. So, we’ll take it,” Healy told ABC ahead of Australia’s clash against South Africa. 

Healy also reckoned that she doesn’t take the bails off a lot in that scenario but in this case, taking the bails off helped the team in getting a valuable win. Megan Schutt, who was fielding at point was the first person to rush towards Healy, as Australia snapped a comeback win against India to reach yet another final. 

“It’s kind of funny actually. Belinda Clarke messaged me and said, well done for taking the bails. And it’s quite an interesting one because I actually don’t take the bails a lot in that sort of scenario. I think it’s a waste of time and I’ve got to put them back on,” Healy told ABC sport ahead of Australia's final against host nation South Africa.

“So, it’s annoying. But for some reason, I felt the need to take the bails off and it was like a bizarre moment where I looked at the umpire and said, I think that’s out. And I think Shooter at point was like. I also think that it’s out,” she added.

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