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India, Pakistan New York game threatened with a ‘lone wolf’ attack

Last updated on 30 May 2024 | 07:30 AM
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India, Pakistan New York game threatened with a ‘lone wolf’ attack

The NYPD and the Governor of New York have assured that no stone would be left unturned to ensure the best possible security for the World Cup games in New York

A' lone wolf' attack has threatened the June 9 game of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 between India and Pakistan. The match will be at the newly minted Nassau County International Stadium in Eisenhower Park, 25 miles east of Manhattan. Along with the India-Pakistan game, the stadium will host eight other games, including the group-stage game between India and Canada. 

Understood as a form of mass violence committed in public planned and executed by a single individual, ‘lone wolf’ threats are quite common, as Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman told CBS News

“Every day, Nassau County, as well as other communities and cities and counties and towns throughout the United States, receive all kinds of threats. We take every threat seriously,” Blakeman said. 

“To that end, we have taken many, many precautions. As well as making sure that the stadium and the surrounding Eisenhower Park are safe, the parking areas are secure, the watch areas are safe, we also are adding 100 additional police officers to our regular staffing for the rest of the county, just as a precaution.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said that the security deployments at Eisenhower Park for India-Pakistan are the largest ever in the history of Nassau County. 

“Everything is credible when you've got a game and a crowd as big as this. We will go through every fine detail regarding the security and safety of the residents here in Nassau County. I can guarantee you this is the largest security we've ever had to do in this county's history, and I can also guarantee you the safest place to be in Nassau County on June 9 will be inside that stadium.”

The office of Kathy Hochul, the Governor of the State of New York, assured that no public threats have been made and that her office is working closely with the local authorities to maintain maximum security for the World Cup. 

“While there is no credible public safety threat, we monitor the situation closely. I have also directed the New York State Police to engage in elevated security measures, including an increased law enforcement presence, advanced surveillance, and thorough screening processes. Public safety is my top priority and we are committed to ensuring the Cricket World Cup is a safe, enjoyable experience,” Hochul’s office said. 

The International Cricket Council (ICC) also assured the stakeholders that it is working closely with the local authorities to ensure maximum security for the games in New York. 

“The safety and security of everyone at the event is our number one priority, and we have a comprehensive and robust security plan in place. We work closely with authorities in our host countries and continually monitor and evaluate the global landscape to ensure appropriate plans are in place to mitigate any risks identified to our event," an ICC spokesperson said.

The warmup game between India and Bangladesh on June 1 will be the first World Cup related game played at the Nassau County International Stadium. 

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