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Kohli is more skilful than me: Ganguly

Last updated on 10 Sep 2022 | 04:35 PM
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Kohli is more skilful than me: Ganguly

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly was confident that Virat Kohli will play for a long time for India

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly was confident that Virat Kohli will play international cricket for a longer period than him as he rated Kohli's skills above him.

Speaking on Ranveer Show on YouTube, the former India captain said that one should not compare his and Kohli's captaincy stints.

"I don't think that (captaincy) should be the comparison... The comparison should be in terms of skill as a player. I think he is more skilful than I'm," Ganguly said on the show.

Kohli ended a wait of 1021 days without an international hundred with a scintillating 122 not out against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup as he claimed the record of highest individual score in T20Is by an Indian.

Ganguly, who played 113 Tests and 311 ODIs for India, said that Kohli will have a long career.

"We played in different generations, and we played a lot of cricket. I played in my generation, and he will continue playing, probably playing more games than I did. Currently, I have played more than what he has but he'll get past that. He is tremendous," he said.

Asked whether if he had given Kohli any advice during his lean run, Ganguly replied: "I don't get to see them. The poor guys travel a lot." 

The BCCI chief said that media criticism has always been present on the players as he felt it is natural to go through ups and downs at the highest level.

"Everybody has been under media scrutiny. Just the names keep changing over a period of time. I won't get to know half of it because I didn't read so much. I would enter a hotel and the first thing I would say at the reception, 'Boss, don't put the newspaper under my door in the morning.' But now, obviously, it's a lot more; social media is on your computer and phone. But I think cricketers find a way to shut that off," Ganguly said.

Speaking about his career's lowest point when he had clashed with former head coach Greg Chappell, Ganguly said that he doesn't see the episode as trauma.

"I didn't go through any trauma. I just had good days and bad days. I had less pressure, a bit more pressure and too much pressure... I don't consider it as trauma," he said.

"Young people should also look at it that way. I can say it now because I'm a bit more experienced. But the young ones should look at it as an opportunity and move on," he added.

(With inputs from PTI)

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