PSL 2021: Karachi Kings qualify for play-offs with win over Quetta Gladiators

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Match 29 : QUE vs KAR
PSL 2021: Karachi Kings qualify for play-offs with win over Quetta Gladiators
19 Jun 2021
QUE 162/6(20.0)
04:57 PM IST
Danish Aziz blitz, bowlers set up win for Karachi!
Lahore Qalandars will be the most disappointed with the result as will finish fifth below the play-offs qualification spots. Karachi Kings started well with Sharjeel Khan and Babar Azam adding 71 in 9 overs but Arish Ali's brilliant bowling effort of 4-28 slowed their momentum significantly. However, the game turned on its head when Danish Aziz blitzed Jake Wildermuth's penultimate over for 33 runs which included four massive sixes as Karachi posted 176/7 in 20 overs. Quetta looked good at the beginning with 19-year old Saim Ayub hitting Imad Wasim for two massive in the third over. However, they lost wickets at regular intervals as the chase got tougher. Sarfaraz Ahmed and Hassan Khan attempted a revival by adding 32 runs off 26 balls for the fifth wicket, but a freak dismissal of Hassan meant it was too much for Sarfaraz do it by his own as Quetta lost by 14 runs to finish at the bottom of PSL 2021 table.
QUE 162/6(20.0)
04:46 PM IST
Sarfaraz Ahmed reaches the first fifty for Quetta Gladiators in PSL 2021 with a couple off the last ball as Karachi Kings win by 14 runs. It's valiant effort from the skipper but he had no backing from the other batsman as the chase got steeper.
QUE 152/6(19.3)
04:42 PM IST
Quetta need 17 off 2 balls
Sarfaraz tries a ramp shot but manages to get a double on the leg-side. He swivels off the next ball and hits Ilyas over the deep square-leg boundary. Similar ball from Ilyas results in another four for Sarfaraz.
QUE 150/6(19.2)
04:40 PM IST
Quetta need 27 from 4 balls
Ilyas is given the ball as he gives away a single off the first ball but bowls a juicy full-toss to Sarfaraz who whacks it over deep mid-wicket boundary for a six.
QUE 143/6(18.4)
04:36 PM IST
Amir hits Jake Wildermuth on the pads as the umpire raises his finger. The batsman reviews it immediately and survives as the ball was pitching outside the line. Amir's next slower ball gets a top-edge sails high into the air but the bowler fumbles a sitter. Quetta need 34 runs off 8 balls.
QUE 140/6(18.0)
04:34 PM IST
Sarfaraz fights on!
All the great work in this innings from Ilyas has been foiled by Sarfaraz after he guides a full-toss on the pads to four behind the wicket and then drives in between deep extra-cover and long-off.
QUE 127/6(17.2)
04:30 PM IST
This is the perfect example of bowling to the field. Mohammad Ilyas hits back of the length as Abdul Nasir flicks off his pads but is straight at the man standing on the deep square-leg boundary.
QUE 123/5(16.5)
04:27 PM IST
Quite unfortunate for Hassan Khan! He was batting beautifully on 24 but is run-out after Amir gets a finger to Sarfaraz's drive down the wicket as the ball hits the stumps at the non-striker's end.
QUE 122/4(16.2)
04:24 PM IST
Smart batting from Hassan
Hassan Khan shows great awareness of the field as he picks the gaps perfectly to get boundaries off Noor Ahmad and Amir. He, along with Sarfaraz, also run quick singles to chip away at the target.
QUE 110/4(15.0)
04:13 PM IST
Big over for Quetta!
Arshad is getting predictable as he hits the back of the length through out the over which Hassan Khan hits for two boundaries and a double. The pacer bowls the same length wide outside off-stump for Sarfaraz who cuts it away to the third man boundary.
QUE 91/4(13.0)
04:03 PM IST
That's brilliant set-up from Arshad! He bangs a short ball to Azam Khan who pulls on the leg-side and gets a six. Arshad changes his channel on the next ball and slows it a down a bit as Azam plays an upper cut straight to the third man.
QUE 82/3(12.0)
03:57 PM IST
Big Shout!
Noor Ahmad raps Azam Khan on the pads and appeals, but the umpire says no. Imad Wasim inquires if there was some bat involved and goes for the review. There's a thick inside edge before the ball hits the bat and Azam Khan survives.
QUE 72/3(10.1)
03:44 PM IST
Mohammad Ilyas takes the pace off the ball as Usman loses control over his shot and launches it straight to Imad Wasim at mid-off. Easiest of dismissals for the bowler.
QUE 72/2(10.0)
03:40 PM IST
Noor Ahmad into the attack!
Noor Ahmad, who was crucial in the Karachi's win against Lahore two days ago, is introduced early and the 16-year old doesn't start well. He bowls two wides and gives away a boundary off the first ball. Sarfaraz and Usman run four singles in the over.
QUE 48/2(7.1)
03:26 PM IST
Nothing better for a pacer to see a cartwheeling stump! Weatherald completely misses Arshad Iqbal's good-length ball as the ball knocks his off-stump.
QUE 47/1(6.5)
03:25 PM IST
Babar almost pulls off a blinder!
Usman Khan slog sweeps Imad Wasim as the ball flies to the log-on boundary where Babar Azam takes a one handed catch but loses his balance. He hops towards the line and throws the ball back into the air but fails to recollect it properly. Its an incredible effort from the star batsman.
QUE 32/1(5.0)
03:14 PM IST
Quetta lose their first wicket and its a bad shot from 19-year old Saim Ayub. He tries to drive Ilyas through the covers but gets a thick outside edge for a keeper catch.
QUE 21/0(3.0)
03:01 PM IST
Ayub takes charge
Saim Ayub begins the counter attack for Quetta. He makes room on the off-side and hits Imad Wasim over deep extra-cover for a six and then slog sweeps the spinner for a six over long-on before taking two.
QUE 5/0(1.0)
02:55 PM IST
Weatherald starts well
Jake Weatherald begins the first over with a boundary off Imad Wasim's fifth ball. It will be interesting to see how the pitch behaves as the sun goes down.
KAR 176/7(20.0)
02:42 PM IST
Mohammad Ilyas takes a single off his first ball but is short off his crease at the non-striker's end off the final ball while attempting a double. That brings an end to Karachi's innings which started well with Sharjeel Khan and Babar Azam adding 71 in 9 overs but Arish Ali's brilliant bowling effort of 4-28 slowed their momentum significantly. However, the game turned on its head when Sarfaraz Khan gave the ball to Jake Wildermuth to bowl the penultimate over after Naseem Shah walked off due to cramps. The left-hander hit a boundary, two doubles and four massive sixes as 33 runs came off Wildermuth's single over - a new PSL record.
KAR 174/6(19.4)
02:35 PM IST
That's the end to Danish Aziz's 45 off 13 balls as he misses Khurram's slower ball which hits the off-stump. He almost broke the PSL record for the fastest fifty in 17 balls.
KAR 169/5(19.0)
02:30 PM IST
Naseem looks uncomfortable as tries to free up his calf muscles but it doesn't seem to be working. Jake Wildermuth replaces him as Danish swings wildly and gets an inside edge which runs away for a four behind the keeper. He then gets out of the crease and clubs Wildermuth over deep mid-wicket for a massive six. He dances down the pitch off the next and gets the toe end to the bat as the ball clears the long-off boundary. Wildermuth bowls in the slot off the next won and Danish bludgeons it over the long-on boundary. He bowls a beamer which Danish dispatches to the fine-leg boundary. He takes two doubles off the next balls to squeeze 33 off that one over which is a PSL record. Well, well, well!
KAR 136/5(18.0)
02:21 PM IST
Good over for Karachi
Danish Aziz pulls Khurram Shahzad for a six over deep mid-wicket and then plays a beautiful cover drive for a boundary off the next ball. Karachi get 14 runs off the over.
KAR 122/5(16.4)
02:14 PM IST
Keeping it full and outside off-stump. That has been Arish Ali's strategy today and it has worked perfectly for Quetta in knocking the wind out of Karachi's sail. Imad Wasim tries to hit it straight down the ground but drags it slightly towards long-on as Hassan Khan reaches out to it and takes a comfortable catch.
KAR 99/4(15.0)
02:01 PM IST
Another attempted cut and chopped on! Arish Ali is having a great time today. He gets hit for a six over long-on by Zadran before bowling a fuller-length ball which the left-hander chops on to his stumps.
KAR 92/3(14.0)
02:00 PM IST
Walton, Zadran steady ship
Chadwick Walton and Nazibullah Zadran do well by rotating the strike but there are no big boundaries with Arish Ali causing the pair more trouble with his flight and turn.
KAR 80/3(10.3)
01:47 PM IST
What a start for Arish Ali! The young spinner flights a half-volley to Guptill who lofts it straight to long-off for an easy catch. The left-armer gets hit to the fine-leg boundary and then gets the wicket of Sharjeel who chops it on to the stumps.
KAR 71/1(9.1)
01:45 PM IST
Babar goes for a slog sweep off Abdul Nasir but is straight at Hassan Khan at mid-wicket which brings a good opening partnership to an end.
KAR 42/0(6.0)
01:30 PM IST
Sharjeel, Babar in cruise control
Sharjeel and Babar hit four boundaries and two massive sixes in the powerplay as the Quetta make three bowling changes but to no effect. Sharjeel has been especially ruthless against anything slightly wide and short.
KAR 21/0(2.5)
01:16 PM IST
Quetta's bowlers are struggling with their lines as Sharjeel and Babar cut and drive with ease. Naseem pitches a fuller-length ball which Sharjeel tries to hit it on the up but Azam Khan at point drops it.
KAR 7/0(1.0)
01:08 PM IST
Dramatic first over
Naseem Shah begins with a no-ball and then bowls a wide which runs away for a four. Sharjeel Khan pokes wide outside off-stump and gets a edge to the keeper but unfortunately for Quetta, its a free-hit delivery. After a single, Babar Azam tries to flick Naseem off his pads but it hits his thigh pad and ends in a dot.
12:37 PM IST
Five changes for Quetta, one change for Karachi
Quetta Gladiators: Jake Weatherald, Usman Khan, Saim Ayub, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Azam Khan, Abdul Nasir, Hassan Khan, Jack Wildermuth, Aarish Ali Khan, Naseem Shah, Khurram Shahzad Karachi Kings: Imad Wasim, Babar Azam, Sharjeel Khan, Najibullah Zadran, Noor Ahmad, Martin Guptill, Chadwick Walton, Arshad Iqbal, Danish Aziz, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Ilyas
12:34 PM IST
Karachi opt bat
Karachi Kings captain Imad Wasim wins the toss and chooses to bat first.
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