England vs New Zealand, Day 1, Edgbaston - As it happened

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2nd Test : ENG vs NZ
England vs New Zealand, Day 1, Edgbaston - As it happened
10 Jun 2021
ENG 258/7(90.0)
05:31 PM IST
And that's it for the day! From the situation England had found themselves in the second session, this is a pretty good finish to the day, thanks to Rory Burns and Daniel Lawrence - but kudos to Olly Stone and Mark Wood as well for hanging around. 300 seems realistic at the moment and every run added to the chart from now will worry the visitors. That's it from us for the day. We shall be back tomorrow. You can hop over for our PSL coverage. Sayonara!
ENG 258/7(88.5)
05:24 PM IST
Solid support from Wood!
Wood has been really good at the other end and negotiating the tired Kiwi bowlers with absolute ease. You need to be there to believe it. Classy stuff. And England would love it.
ENG 248/7(86.5)
05:19 PM IST
No Edge!
Strong appeal for caught behind and Umpire raised the finger as well! But Simon Doull is pretty confident that there was no edge. Turns out Doully is correct. Boult's delivery just beat the outside edge of the bat and Wood is safe to continue.
ENG 247/7(86.1)
05:13 PM IST
Dan saves the day for England!
By bringing up his third Test half-century, Lawrence has surely salvaged England’s day. One needs to give it to him for how he has played Boult and Henry despite the duo targeting his weakness right from the beginning. He worked on his foot movement, cut the off-stump line, and played close to the body to frustrate the Kiwi bowling line-up.
ENG 236/7(83.2)
05:00 PM IST
All vote for Lawrence!
Burns played a really good innings, but it is difficult not to be chuffed for Lawrence. He grafted hard and eventually got the opportunity to raise the bat for his third Test fifty. Every single run he would go on to add would be really valuable, especially knowing New Zealand have a brittle middle-order. Saved the day for England after Burns' dismissal.
ENG 223/7(76.0)
04:31 PM IST
And it is Ajaz Patel who does it again! Stone wanted to sweep the flighted delivery but it went on to hit the pads. Instantly reviewed to overturn the LBW decision, but no luck. Three reds and Stone has to go! That would bring Mark Wood to the middle.
ENG 211/6(72.0)
04:10 PM IST
200 up for England!
Olly Stone smashes Wagner for a couple of fours to bring up 200 for the hosts! Every run counts and England would thank the Stone-Lawrence duo for that. Dan Lawrence has attacked 34.8 percent of the balls he has faced in this series. No other batsmen who has faced 25+ balls this series has attacked as much as Lawrence. Meanwhile, Lawrence had edged it behind but a tough chance for Blundell to latch onto. Technically this's a drop but one wouldn't be harsh on the keeper!
ENG 194/6(68.1)
03:55 PM IST
Slow passage of game!
Another slow passage of the game where runs are hard to come by. Especially you look at Lawrence and see, that's not the problem if you keep grinding and ultimately reap the benefits. On to the duo, can they deliver?
ENG 180/6(62.0)
03:28 PM IST
Golden duck for James Bracey!
Another Test and another duck for James Bracey! He is yet to open his account in international cricket since making his debut at Lord's. This time, it was the thundering Boult who landed the ball on a fuller length and Bracey wanted to cut loose to get off the mark. Instead, got an outside edge and holed out to Daryl Mitchell at third slip. You have to give all the credit to Kiwi fielders for their fielding today - absolutely fantastic.
ENG 171/5(59.2)
03:18 PM IST
Boult breaches Burns' hurdle!
Finally, finally!! New Zealand have managed to breach Burns fortress with a perfect set-up. The left-hander was pushing forward regularly and was lured by the drive. However, this was not to be. Looking to attack, Burns went too forward and ended up handing a simple catch to Tom Latham at slip.
ENG 167/4(58.0)
03:14 PM IST
Who cares how it comes till it comes!
If you're not watching the game and follow the game from the scoreboard, this would seem like Lawrence is toying with Henry here. However, in reality, he has been really scratchy and the last two fours were the byproduct of the same.
ENG 155/4(56.3)
03:04 PM IST
And we are back!
This is going to be a very crucial session for the hosts! And New Zealand need to continue the good work they are doing to ensure they don't hand the momentum back to England.
ENG 152/4(56.0)
02:44 PM IST
New Zealand take the honours of the second session, albeit Burns has continued to prosper. England really need to step up to the plate and salvage the final session's play.
ENG 145/4(55.0)
02:40 PM IST
Damocles' sword on Lawrence!
Daniel Lawrence needs to be on the ball! Since his half-century in Sri Lanka, he has hardly done anything to match the hype. With the weird technique that he has, especially his affinity to chase the ball on the fifth and sixth stump line, Test cricket can become a really tough proposition unless he corrects the wrongs.
ENG 128/4(50.4)
02:20 PM IST
And Ajaz gets it!
Tom Blundell is having a party out there in the middle. Pope went for a cut against Ajaz Patel, ended up having an outside edge on an Ajaz Patel short delivery. He had got a nice start and looked in a nice nick. However, worryingly for England, he has thrown yet another start, if at all you call it one.
ENG 115/3(46.0)
01:58 PM IST
Brilliant Burns!
Burns has been one of the most consistent batsmen in English conditions and his century at Edgbaston during the 2019 Ashes was one of his finest ones. His form in the last few Tests were ordinary but England will be pleased at how he managed to turn that around and scored a fifty here after the century at Lord's in the last Test. Pope is hanging around despite Kiwi pacers attacking aggressively from both ends.
ENG 108/3(43.0)
01:46 PM IST
Burns is just one run shy of half century while Pope, battled by his own demons, is understandably cautious. It is the need of the hour for the English side at this moment to navigate through the troubled waters they have found themselves in the second session of this Test match.
ENG 97/3(38.0)
01:23 PM IST
Dread the "second"!
Anirudh chips in with this interesting bit of statistics - In Tests since 2018 (2 matches), wickets had fallen at a balls/dismissal ratio of 44.6 in the second session of the first days play at Edgbaston as compared to 82.5 and 54.6 in first and third session (prior to this match).
ENG 97/3(37.4)
01:20 PM IST
Tough test!
It is going to be a tough test for Ollie Pope. Burns has shown the graft to stand rock solid at one end, but for Pope, who has developed this weird habit of poking to unwanted deliveries, this is going to be a test of character. With runs lacking in the bag, this is an opportunity to show his worth. He is too good a batsman to be going through such an extended lean patch.
ENG 89/3(34.5)
01:12 PM IST
Big Fish in the net!
And there goes down another! After a solid opening stand, England have now lost track, with Matt Henry sending English skipper Joe Root back to the hut. Henry is all pumped up and rightfully so. Pitched at a good length, just marginally away from the body. Root prodded across to defend but a slight edge was gobbled safely by a diving Blundell. Blundell is terrific behind the stumps today - a trailer of things to come in post Watling era for New Zealand.
ENG 73/2(31.1)
12:55 PM IST
Oh Crawley! What have you done!
Zak Crawley's torrid form continues! Wagner set him up perfectly. Followed an inswinging delivery with an outswinger and Crawley had to give in. In Tests in 2021, Zak Crawley has single-digit scores in nine out of the 11 innings played. His only double-digit scores are against India (53) and Sri Lanka (13). His scores in the last five innings: 0, 2,2,9, and 5. Not quite becoming of the hype he had generated despite some torrid record in County cricket. His dismissal would bring Joe Root to the middle.
ENG 72/1(30.0)
12:46 PM IST
And Gonnneeeee!
Matt Henry gives New Zealand their first breakthrough as Sibley gives a straightforward catch to wicket-keeper Tom Blundell right after the lunch break. It was way outside of the off-stump but at the last moment, it straightened from the surface to catch the opener off-guard. Zak Crawley is the new man in.
ENG 67/0(29.0)
12:03 PM IST
And that will be lunch!
In home Tests, the last time England openers batted throughout the first session of the first day (Minimum 20 overs) was way back in 2011 against India at The Oval. Boring yet lovely passage of play for the English team. They will want to build on it.
ENG 65/0(27.3)
12:00 PM IST
What a ball!
Boult is one bowler who is having a decent purchase in the second spell. Completely foxed Rory Burns on a low full toss. Burns wanted to work on the leg side but was squared of. Luckily for him, he closed the bat-face at the last moment to invade a thick edge. Safe
ENG 63/0(25.1)
11:49 AM IST
Ajaz on the job!
Ajaz Patel is bowling slower and just outside off for two overs - which if retrospectively seen, is already better than what Mitchell Santner has done in his Test career so far. Sibley, however, took him on the penultimate ball of the 25th over when Ajaz bowled a short ball wide of off stump. No luck for the Kiwis, so far!
ENG 52/0(20.3)
11:31 AM IST
Refreshing change in approach!
Post drinks this session, England have played six over till now (15-20) and have attacked 30.6 percent of the balls. In the first 14 overs, they had attacked only 11.4 percent. To put this in context - In Tests since 2019, England's opening partnership has been the slowest (2.4) among teams that have played 10+ matches in this time.
ENG 38/0(17.5)
11:22 AM IST
Sibley steps up!
Uppish and four! Dom Sibley opens his arms and how! With Wagner going wide, Sibley couldn't resist but hit a couple of classy boundaries in one over. Burns also started to exude some confidence as he flicked Daryl Mitchell to deep square leg and collected three runs. Just the initiative England wanted to get going!
ENG 23/0(11.5)
10:47 AM IST
Surprising tactics from Henry!
Since 2015, pacers have accounted for a staggering 75.14% of the wickets at Edgbaston. That tells the impact the tribe has at the venue but the first session of the game so far is right out of the syllabus. You can hope Wagner to do something but Sibley and Burns have grafted so well. On the other hand, you would be surprised why Henry is still attacking Burns from an over the wicket angle while in reality, his approach has to be more up front and use the scramble seam from round the wicket angle to trouble the Surrey man.
ENG 16/0(8.0)
10:36 AM IST
Kiwis need to step up!
England are pretty watchful here but taking the odd chances to keep the scoreboard ticking! With no cloud cover as of now, bowlers need to step up and test the batsmen's defense - straight out of Southee's playbook. However, nothing on the leg so far from Henry who is only relying on his pace. Boult has targetted the pad quite often but Sibley is happy to glace them on the on-side.
ENG 11/0(4.0)
10:20 AM IST
Patient start from England!
There is hardly any movement available for the bolwers as Boult is trying to force the batsmen with his pace. Matt Henry has a lot to prove on this unresponsive surface, having averaged a dire 51.68 in his 13-match long Test career.
ENG 6/0(1.4)
10:09 AM IST
Who will do the honours today?
Edgbaston had witnessed two of the most memorable Test matches in the last three English summers - after a gap of one year, the expectation for a fair contest is pretty high. In 2018, Virat Kohli dazzled it with one of the finest centuries on English soil before Steve Smith did an encore the following summer on his Test comeback. None of those knocks will be forgotten that easily. Who will do the honours today?
ENG 4/0(1.0)
10:04 AM IST
Boult with the new ball!
Trent Boult is back with the red cherry in the UK. How old were you when this had first happened? Rory Burns and Dom Sibley are in the middle and the English crowd is celebrating James Anderson with all his might.
10:00 AM IST
James Anderson - what a cricketer!
Either way, you look at it, you would ultimately be marvelled by the ingenuity of the cult of James Anderson. A sportsman who has not just become the benchmark of endurance, but one of the most transformed cricketers too. Moved past Alastair Cook to become the most capped English cricketer, you better be there to believe it!
09:52 AM IST
Quick Byte
NZ have used 17 players in this series, which is the second-most number of players used in a two-match series by a team. Sri Lanka had used 18 in the Test series against Bangladesh in 2002.
09:42 AM IST
Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Zak Crawley, Joe Root(c), Ollie Pope, Daniel Lawrence, James Bracey(w), Olly Stone, Mark Wood, Stuart Broad, James Anderson
09:41 AM IST
New Zealand
Tom Latham(c), Devon Conway, Will Young, Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, Tom Blundell(w), Daryl Mitchell, Neil Wagner, Matt Henry, Ajaz Patel, Trent Boult
09:41 AM IST
England to bat!
Only one change to English line-up as Olly Stone replaced a banned Ollie Robinson while all the talks of Jack Leach making a cut being quashed in the air. Changes galore for New Zealand as Will Young replaced Kane Williamson at No.3, Blundell in for Watling, while Trent Boult replaced an in-form Tim Southee who has been rested. Matt Henry, Ajaz Patel also made it to the side in place of Kyle Jamison and Mitchell Santner.
09:37 AM IST
Watling ruled out!
Let's kick start today's proceedings with a big breaking! After Kane Williamson aggravated his elbow injury and was ruled out for the second Test against England, now veteran BJ Watling, on the verge of retirement, has been ruled out of the Edgbaston game. The Kiwi keeper failed to overcome a sore back and thus has been replaced by Tom Blundell.
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