NZ become Test Champions in thrilling final - As it happened on Day 6

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Final : IND vs NZ
NZ become Test Champions in thrilling final - As it happened on Day 6
23 Jun 2021
NZ 140/2(45.5)
07:06 PM IST
What a game!
The Kiwi players collect their medals (on their own) and Tom Latham presents Kane Williamson with his as he joins his team next to the mace. He picks it up and raises it in the air. New Zealand celebrate a world title after the heartbreaks of 2015 and 2019. What a Test match this has been. There were question marks about the faults in the points system in this maiden World Test Championship cycle but the final was as good as Test cricket can get. The weather challenged it to the hilt but the Kiwi team found their way to the mace with their discipline. Kudos to the Indian team to make it tough for New Zealand. It sucks to finish second in a final but no other team deserved to be here as much as them. Thank you for joining us for this enthralling ride. And stay connected with for more stuff related to this game and cricket all over the globe.
NZ 140/2(45.5)
06:47 PM IST
What the captains had to say?
Kane Williamson: "Very special feeling, a couple of close ones [in ICC finals], nice to get one under the belt. I'd like to thank Virat and the Indian team, they're an incredible team, we know how much of a challenge it would be. It was great, the heart our team showed to get across the line, great Test match. I've been part of [NZ cricket] for a short while, it's a very special feeling, the first time in our history we've come away with a world title. We've had 22 players over the last two years, and they've all played their part and the support staff and the guys who played this match, it's a special achievement to be savoured. We know we don't always have the stars, we rely on other bits and pieces to stay in the game and be competitive. We saw a lot of heart and commitment to our style of cricket in this game, we know how strong this Indian side is, in all conditions. It's not always easy in a final, a one-off Test match, we respect that, and throughout all six days, it ebbed and flowed, no one really got the upper hand, and it came to the last day which was great for the fans. That was tough [batting in the first innings]. Amazing attack, they don't give you much to hit. We saw a lot of heart from the lower order who came in and tried to inch us into some sort of lead. It was a very sporting surface, and having only four days' cricket, there was always a chande of a result. Ross is very experienced and very calm in those sort of situations, it was nice to be in partnership with Ross and be there at the end. A special feeling we haven't had before. [BJ Watling] I don't know if he's retiring anymore, actually [chuckles]. He's a special member, a leader in our group, and really epitomises our team. A scrappy performance, which is close to his heart, because he's a scrappy player. A great occasion to celebrate, a great game of cricket, and obviously a great career which we'll celebrate." Virat Kohli: "First up, big congratulations to Kane and the whole team. They showed great consistency and heart to pull out a result in just over three days, sticking to their processes to put us under pressure. They deserved the win. The first day got washed out, and when play resumed it was difficult to get any momentum. We lost only three wickets, but we could have got more runs if play had gone on without the interruptions. Today, the Kiwi bowlers executed their plans to perfection and pushed us back, and we were probably 30 or 40 runs short. [On not picking four quicks:] You need to have a fast-bowling allrounder for that. We've been successful with this combination in different conditions. We thought this was our best combination, and we had batting depth as well, and if there was more game time, the spinners would have come into the game more as well. [Jamieson] is a quality cricketer. He hits really good areas with the ball and he's a gutsy batsman as well. He's had a great game and thoroughly deserved to be man-of-the-match. It's great for the game, the more the Test format is given importance, and the Test format is the heartbeat of the international format. We're looking forward to the long summer ahead. We've got the squad and the quality to do something special."
NZ 140/2(45.5)
06:39 PM IST
Jamieson man-of-the-match, emotional scenes in NZ camp
Emotional scenes around the New Zealand camp. Ross Taylor seems like he would burst into tears any moment during his post-match interview. "Still sinking in", he says. "This would have to be the highlight of my career. At the start of my career, I felt we probably didn't have the side to do this. But am sure there are a few Kiwis waking up who will be very proud. 2019 World Cup was something that was very tough for us at the time, but this makes up for that." "No, I didn't imagine I'd end as a World Test Champion", says the retiring BJ Watling. Kyle Jamieson is the man-of-the-match. He snaffled 7 wickets in the game alongside bagging Virat Kohli twice. He actually set the game for New Zealand this morning by nailing both Kohli and then Cheteshwar Pujara. He bowled 46 overs in the Test and conceded runs at an economy of only 1.3 runs per over. He also contributed a handy 21 with the bat, off 16 balls. "To have something of this context in Test cricket is massive, and to be standing up here is surreal. We knew we had a big first hour, and just to see how things panned out. We were hopeful they might pan out our way if we put the ball in the right place, but we knew this is a quality Indian team as well. It was nice to get the ball first up and to play a part, I guess. The work that Tim, Trent, Wags do, I just ride in on the back of that. It was good to bowl in the nets to him [Kohli at RCB], and to be here and go up against him over the last six days was awesome."
NZ 140/2(45.5)
05:40 PM IST
That is the game. The winning runs come from New Zealand's current highest run-scorer in Test scorer - Ross Taylor. He swats the ball in the cow corner for a four and New Zealand are the maiden WORLD TEST CHAMPIONS. The disciplined New Zealand side have trumped the exuberant India by 8 wickets. Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson hug each other. Simon Doull, in his Ian Bishop moment in the commentary box, states that nice guys do finish first. Celebrations are on the New Zealand dressing room. What a thrilling Test match we have witnessed and it went right into the last session of Day 6.
NZ 133/2(44.0)
05:30 PM IST
Kane Williamson missed out in the first innings but has hardly stepped a foot wrong in the second. Pulls Mohammad Shami for a boundary to bring up only the second fifty in this Test. Also, he was dropped a ball ago but that hardly matters. it was too tough for Jasprit Bumrah and Williamson has already affirmed the Test mace for New Zealand. They are just 6 away.
NZ 125/2(43.0)
05:25 PM IST
Matter of time
21 runs in five overs since drinks and it is only a matter of time now for New Zealand. We just need to see if we will see another half-century in this Test. Both Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson are in 40s and New Zealand need only 14 more.
NZ 104/2(38.0)
05:02 PM IST
Final drinks break of the World Test Championship final. Final hour to begin. 15 overs remaining. The end of the Test match will depend on whichever depends later. But the way Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson have steered this run chase, we can safely say it will end with New Zealand razing down this total. They are only 35 runs away.
NZ 100/2(36.4)
04:53 PM IST
Another four, 100-up
Jasprit Bumrah steers down the leg stump and that is easy pickings for Ross Taylor. Four more through fine-leg. 100-up for NZ.
NZ 96/2(35.4)
04:50 PM IST
Four, 50-run stand
Jadeja misses his line and Williamson sends the ball through to the fine-leg boundary. Brings up the fifty-run stand between the top two run-scorers in the history of New Zealand Test cricket. Who better to steer the ship on the final day of a World Test Championship final. New Zealand 43 away from the mace.
NZ 85/2(32)
04:35 PM IST
India bowling short and wide
Below is the batting wagon wheel since the drinks break post which New Zealand have released the pressure. Most of these runs have come in the off-side through the square region. After bowling 31 dot balls in a row in the lead up to the drinks break, Indian bowlers have been short and wide.
NZ 85/2(32.0)
04:32 PM IST
Pant back
Meanwhile, Rishabh Pant is back on the field
NZ 84/2(30.4)
04:30 PM IST
These kind of catches should be taken at this level but Cheteshwar Pujara spills it at the first slip. You gotta feel for Jasprit Bumrah. In his first over of a new spell, he finally had the opportunity to make a difference. Hits the right length, draws Ross Taylor in to the shot, finds the outside edge but Pujara could not hold on to a regulation catch.
NZ 84/2(29.5)
04:24 PM IST
Short and wide from Ravindra Jadeja and easy picking for Kane Williamson. Rocks back and cuts it away for four. New Zealand 55 runs away.
NZ 74/2(28.0)
04:18 PM IST
Pant off the field
Rishabh Pant has left the field. Reports suggest he is feeling unwell. Wriddhiman Saha replaces him behind the stumps. Also, R Ashwin has switched ends. Spin at both ends for India.
NZ 74/2(28.0)
04:16 PM IST
Pressure released
31 balls before drinks - 0 runs 36 balls since drinks - 28 runs
NZ 69/2(26.2)
04:09 PM IST
Four more
Ross Taylor is fed with width again, this time from Ishant Sharma. Dispatches it square of the wicket for a boundary. Bread and butter for him, really.
NZ 64/2(24.5)
04:04 PM IST
Williamson finds a boundary now
Kane Williamson has threaded the needle on that occasion. Short and a little wide from Shami. Williamson goes on the back foot and carves it through cover and point for four. New Zealand have now had four boundaries in the last three overs.
NZ 60/2(23.5)
04:01 PM IST
Taylor has had enough
There were 31 dot balls in a row in the build-up to the drinks break. Ross Taylor seems to have enough of them now and has produced three boundaries since. After a boundary of Shami, he has scored two boundaries off the next over of Ashwin - one over mid-on and one through the covers. Ashwin leaks runs for the first time after four overs and there are two boundaries straightaway. Taylor means business now.
NZ 51/2(22.4)
03:56 PM IST
Four, 50-up for NZ
Mohammad Shami feeds Ross Taylor with width for the second time in the over. Taylor missed out on the last occasion but not the second time around. Opens the face of the bat expertly and threads the gap between the gully and point fielder. Boundaries are gold dust in this match. 50-up for New Zealand.
NZ 46/2(22.0)
03:51 PM IST
Another maiden. Make it 4 runs from the last six overs now. R Ashwin has not conceded a run for three overs. Two hours left in the Test. 31 overs to be bowled. India need 8 wickets but at the moment, they will be happy with a draw as well. New Zealand need 93 runs and the required run-rate has shot up to 3 runs per over which ain't easy in these conditions. They have two of their most experienced batsmen in the middle in Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor. The pendulum keeps swinging. A shot of the New Zealand dressing room exhibits that they are nervous. Can you ask anything more from Test cricket and this maiden World Test Championship final?
NZ 46/2(21.0)
03:46 PM IST
Runs dried up
Only 4 runs in last five overs along with a wicket. India have dried the runs up to ascend the chances of a draw if not of their win at least. R Ashwin's bowling figures right now: 6-4-5-2. The required run-rate is going up and even the singles are hard to come by.
NZ 44/2(17.2)
03:30 PM IST
That is gone. Ashwin hits the pads again and this time it is out. A straight delivery from Ashwin bowling from around the wicket. Conway commits himself on the front foot defence and misses the ball as he plays for the turn. Michael Gough raises his finger again. Conway, after a brief chat with Kane Williamson, opts not to review. Conway lbw b Ashwin 19 (47)
NZ 39/1(15.5)
03:25 PM IST
Given!!! But reversed!
From ecstasy to despair there for India. Kane Williamson misses a sweep and the umpire Michael Gough adjudges him LBW. Williamson is dejected with the decision and sends it upstairs. Hawkeye shows the ball to be going down the leg side without hitting the stump. Gough gets it wrong and Williamson survives. Key moment.
NZ 33/1(13.3)
03:09 PM IST
First wicket
First wicket for India and it is R Ashwin again to provide it. Tosses it up nicely. Tom Latham comes down the pitch and plays all over it. Rishabh Pant collects the ball and completes the stumping. Ashwin adds another left-hander to his books and another left-hander in Southampton. Latham st Pant b Ashwin 9 (41)
NZ 19/0(8.0)
02:30 PM IST
A brilliant delivery from Mohammad Shami to end the session, probably the best India have bowled in these eight overs before tea. However, it doesn't bring a wicket. Tom Latham and Devon Conway are unbeaten and have put 19 runs on the board. New Zealand 120 runs away from a win. India still need 10 wickets. 45 overs remaining in the game.
NZ 0/0(0.0)
01:51 PM IST
The chase begins
New Zealand need 139 runs to win. India need 10 wickets. 53 overs remaining. The required run-rate is 2.6, a touch higher than the average run-rate in this game but still achievable. Which way will the match go? Stay with us to find out. Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma opens the bowling for India. He starts around the wicket to Tom Latham.
IND 170/9(72.5)
01:43 PM IST
Bowled out
After Trent Boult, it is Tim Southee's turn for a double wicket over. Bowls it full and swings it away a little. Good enough nut to get Jasprit Bumrah's outside edge. Tom Latham accepts another catch, this time at the conventional second slip. India bowled out for 170. New Zealand need 139 runs to win the World Test Championship final. They have 53 overs. Required run-rate - 2.6 Bumrah c Latham b Southee 0(4)
IND 170/9(72.2)
01:38 PM IST
Mohammad Shami departs after a brief cameo. The previous ball, he edged Tim Southee over the slip cordon for four. Kane Williamson reacts to it and pushes the slip fielder back. It is neither third-man, not a slip, it is somewhere in between. It is a fly-slip. Shami edges again and sends the ball straight down the fly-slip's throat. Talk about the field placement there. Tom Latham did not have to move to take the catch. Shami c Latham b Southee 13 (10)
IND 164/8(70.5)
01:29 PM IST
Shami on the charge
Mohammad Shami cuts, Mohammad Shami pulls. 8 runs for India in three balls when every run is crucial.
IND 156/8(69.4)
01:25 PM IST
Ashwin bites the dust
Another one. Second of the over for Trent Boult. This one was bowled wide, full and across the batsman. Ashwin goes for an extravagant drive and edges the ball to the first slip. Pays the price for no feet movement. Are India giving up with the bat? Ashwin c Taylor b Southee 7 (19)
IND 156/7(69.2)
01:21 PM IST
Pant heads back
Rishabh Pant left the previous ball and he has had enough of a citer from the new bowler in the attack. Charges down Trent Boult on the next ball and swipes across. The connection is nowhere near to what he would have wanted. A massive top-edge and Henry Nicholls takes a brilliant catch running backwards from gully. A wicket in the first over of a new spell for Trent Boult. Also, is this the final nail in the coffin for India's effort with the bat? Pant c Nicholls b Boult 41 (88)
IND 154/6(67.3)
01:10 PM IST
Neil Wagner, man or a machine?
Neil Wagner has bombarded the short length area while bowling majorly from around the wicket in his second spell. Don't miss out the white spot through which he got Jadeja out - just a tad fuller and across him to take him by surprise.
IND 142/6(62.5)
12:48 PM IST
Edged, Wagner brings the wicket
Neil Wagner too good there for Ravindra Jadeja. Having targeted his body for so long, he sends this one across the left-hander from around the wicket. The line at which the ball meets Jadeja is just around the off-stump channel and he feels for the ball. A healthy edge and taken safely by BJ Watling. Jadeja c Watling b Wagner 16 (49)
IND 132/5(57.0)
12:41 PM IST
Unorthodox Pant
Rishabh Pant has played every shot in HIS book (assuming he does not have anymore) and is having his share of fun out there. He tried a scoop a Neil Wagner short ball which was targeted at his body and when that did not work, he reverse swept him standing upright (or reverse pull) for a single. CRAZY! He now has a control percentage of 74.6 percent in this innings, which is the least in an innings in which he has faced 30+ balls. However, he doesn't care.
IND 132/5(57.0)
12:23 PM IST
Jamieson, Wagner for New Zealand; Pant, Jadeja for India
New Zealand have started this session with their best bowler in this Test - Kyle Jamieson - and Neil Wagner. Wagner is going for his tried-and-tested method of going for the ribs from around the wicket to the left-hander with fielders in the deep.
IND 132/5(56.3)
12:20 PM IST
100-run lead
Rishabh Pant plays Neil Wagner down to fine-leg and the single brings up the 100-run lead for India. They will hope for at least 50 more runs now.
IND 130/5(55.0)
11:37 AM IST
That will be lunch and India would be glad not to lose anymore wickets. Three big wickets make it New Zealand's session and it appears India have chosen to go for their shots rather than hang around. Both Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja went for their shot and have added 21 runs off five overs. India currently lead by 98 and will look to get a lead of at least 150 before having a shot at the Kiwi batting line-up. It is every bit possible given the batting credentials of Pant, Jadeja and R Ashwin to follow. This has been a thrilling Test match so far and we can promise you more after the lunch. Stay with us.
IND 109/5(50.0)
11:09 AM IST
Strangled down the leg-side
That is one of the worst ways to get out given the situation of the game and is right up there with a run out and a hit wicket. Trent Boult has strangled Ajinkya Rahane down the leg-side here. It was outside the leg-stump and Rahane rightly went for the glance. However, he doesn't cover the line completely and a faint edge is gathered comfortably by BJ Watling behind the stumps. You can call it unlucky, you can call it a soft dismissal, it works either ways. Ravindra Jadeja is the new batsman. Rahane c Watling b Boult 15 (40)
IND 103/4(48.3)
10:59 AM IST
Rishabh Pant does it again. He comes hustling down to Neil Wagner and tries to flat-bat him for four again. A thickish outside edge goes between the slip cordon and the gully for four runs. Hundred up for India.
IND 95/4(44.3)
10:43 AM IST
Pant attacks
Well, well, Neil Wagner is the first change bowler today and Rishabh Pant does not want him to settle down. Charges down the track, quite brave against a bowler who is renowned for his accurate short-balls, and smacks him down the ground for four.
IND 82/4(40.0)
10:22 AM IST
Ohhh, it could have been the third one for Kyle Jamieson. Rishabh Pant prods at a delivery going across him. Poor shot and the outside edge goes to Tim Southee at second slip. Regulation catch but he spills it. In a match where fielding has been top-class, Southee drops a catch for the second time. Also, Pant would like to leave these kind of deliveries.
IND 72/4(37.3)
10:10 AM IST
Pujara now
Kyle Jamieson is on a roll here. Gets rid of Cheteshwar Pujara after Virat Kohli. Bowl in that probing channel outside the off-stump. Bit of a bounce as well because of the height and the length. Pujara was caught in two minds there. he wanted to leave it but ends up defending it reluctantly. The ball takes the outside edge and ends up in the safe hands of Ross Taylor at the first slip. Both overnight batsmen back in the hut. Pujara c Taylor b Jamieson 15 (80)
IND 71/3(35.5)
10:01 AM IST
Kohli gone
Kyle Jamieson has Virat Kohli's number again. He got him with an in-dipper in the first innings, this time he straightens the ball keeping it outside the stumps. The ball bounced up a touch as well as Jamieson hit the deck there. Kohli feels for the ball and is undone by the change in trajectory as well as the bounce. He was looking for the nip backer again. Easy catch for BJ Watling behind the stumps. Big moment in the game given it has come in the first half an hour of play. Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in. Kohli c Watling b Jamieson 13 (29)
IND 68/2(31.5)
09:39 AM IST
The last time a Test went into the sixth day was in 1990 between Australia and Pakistan in Sydney. The match ended in a draw after most of the days were affected by rain.
IND 67/2(30.3)
09:35 AM IST
3 to start with
Virat Kohli flicks Tim Southee through mid-wicket to set the ball rolling for India First scoring shot on the first day of play - 3 runs First scoring shot on the last day of play - 3 runs
IND 64/2(30.0)
09:19 AM IST
Welcome, people. The maiden world Test Championship started on August 1, 2019 and after 1 year, 10 months and 23 days, we have the D-Day. We are minutes away from the start of play. Yes, we actually are. Southampton is basking in sunshine and we will have a full day of Test cricket today - until 7 PM local, 11.30 PM IST. All three results are on the cards. Draw is the most likely outcome while New Zealand have better chances of a win but we all know Virat Kohli never backs down. The route to India's victory doesn't seem to be the smoothest but it will be interesting to see how the two contrary theories clash today. New Zealand will need early wickets but batting has been easy in this Test with the sun out. First ball at 10.30 AM local, 3 PM IST.
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