Overseas contingent elevate Lahore to 10-run win - As it happened

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Match 17 : PES vs LAH
Overseas contingent elevate Lahore to 10-run win - As it happened
10 Jun 2021
PES 160/8(20.0)
10:17 PM IST
What a game of cricket we had. Lahore Qalandars will be thrilled to win this from a position where they had lost four wickets for 25 runs. Their overseas contingent stepped up. With the bat, it was their Australian trio. Ben Dunk and Tim David forged a partnership of 81 off 50 balls. Dunk fell for 48 in the 16th over but David carried on, finishing with an unbeaten 64 off 36 balls, with three fours and five sixes. James Faulkner chipped in with 22 off 7 balls. Later on, he picked two top order wickets in his first over. Last but not the least, Rashid Khan provided the knockout punch. After a poor first over, he struck in the most astonishing fashion, finishing with figures of 5 for 20 - his first five-for in franchise cricket. Interestingly, it came against the team whose batting coach is Inzamam Ul Haq, the same man who selected Rashid for Afghanistan, way back in 2015. Shoaib Malik tried his best with the bat. Fighting a lone battle, he scored 73 off 48 balls but his hit wicket in the penultimate over ended Peshawar's hopes. However, they have a lot of positives to draw from this game. We will see you tomorrow (in fact today) when Islamabad United will take on Quetta Gladiators in Match 18 of PSL 2021.
PES 160/8(20.0)
10:03 PM IST
That's the game
Umaid Asif kept things interesting in the last over with a couple of sixes in the last over against Shaheen Shah Afridi. They were in the game until the penultimate ball when they needed two sixes off the last two balls but Shaheen got his act right. The 10-run victory elevates them to 10 points in the points table and they keep their position at the top of the table.
PES 138/8(18.3)
09:55 PM IST
Oh, no, Malik
Oh, well, that is a sad end to a terrific innings. Shoaib Malik has his own stumps. Haris Rauf has 100 T20 wickets now and the 100th one has come via Hit Wicket. Malik had started the over with two successive boundaries, keeping Peshawar's hopes alive. But he went too deep in his crease there and hits his own stumps while bringing the bat down in his bat swing. But an amazing knock nevertheless given he did not find an apt support. Malik hit wicket b Rauf 73 (48)
PES 128/7(17.0)
09:46 PM IST
Malik not giving up
Shoaib Malik still trying his best. He feasts on Ahmed Daniyal's misery tonight by smashing him for two sixes. The right-arm pacer finishes his spell with no wickets for 47 runs. Peshawar need 43 runs from last three overs.
PES 116/7(16.2)
09:43 PM IST
Magnificent Rashid
Rashid Khan's first over - 0 wickets, 15 runs Next three overs - 5 wickets, 5 runs This is some recovery, or in Peshawar's case, some mayhem
PES 114/7(15.4)
09:39 PM IST
And here is the five-for
This has been Rashid Khan's night. Conceding 39 runs in the last three overs, the Lahore skipper brought Rashid Khan for his last over and he knocks one over to complete his first five-for in franchise cricket. Wahab Riaz is in no mood to see Rashid off. He wants a piece of him and is nowhere near connecting the ball with the bat. He misses and Rashid hits the off stump with his googly. Shoaib Malik sees another one fall from the non-striker's end. Riaz b Rashid 17 (10)
PES 106/6(14.3)
09:34 PM IST
Fifty for Malik, Peshawar not giving up
39 runs in the last three overs and Peshawar are still in the game. Meanwhile, Shoaib Malik has notched up an interesting fifty for himself. Peshawar need 59 runs from 30 balls and a lot rests on these two - Malik and Wahab Riaz. Lahore still have an over of Rashid Khan up their sleeves.
PES 73/6(12.0)
09:16 PM IST
Rashid doing Rashid things
Rashid bags another one. Fabian Allen escaped marginally on the last lbw call but this time, Rashid ensures the batsman has no respite. A quick googly wraps him on the pads right in front of the stumps. Easy decision on this occasion for the umpire. Fourth wicket for Rashid and he has cleaned up the West Indies' trio in Peshawar's camp. Also, it is a double-wicket maiden.
PES 73/5(11.4)
09:10 PM IST
Rashid on song
There is no stopping Rashid Khan at the moment. A quicker leg break gave Sherfane Rutherford no time to adjust on the back foot and he sees his off stump wrecked back. Third wicket of the night for Rashid.
PES 73/4(11.0)
09:06 PM IST
Rutherford is in mood
Sherfane Rutherford has just come in but he is not shying away from taking on the youngster in Lahore's bowling line-up, Ahmed Daniyal. Well, if Peshawar has to chase this down, they will need to take on one bowler and that is what Rutherford did there. Two fours and an effortless six over cover makes it 16 runs from the over.
PES 56/4(9.4)
08:58 PM IST
Two in two for Rashid
Rovman Powell was the new man and he is history soon. Rashid Khan strikes for the second time in the over. Powell tries to execute the sweep but the length is not there. He gets himself into an awkward position and is hit on his body. The umpire raises his finger. Powell doesn't agree though. He goes for the review and has squandered it. The ball missed his gloves and three reds on the hawk-eye means Peshawar has burned both their reviews. Powell lbw b Rashid 0 (2)
PES 56/3(9.2)
08:53 PM IST
Rashid strikes
Peshawar's trump card, Rashid Khan has stepped up to break the partnership. David Miller, stuck at the crease, inside-edges one to his pads and the ball ultimately gets to his stumps. Big wicket. Rovman Powell is the new man in. Miller b Rashid 21 (23)
PES 55/2(9.0)
08:49 PM IST
50-run stand
David Miller and Shoaib Malik have added 50 off 43 balls now, keeping Peshawar's run chase on track.
PES 33/2(6.0)
08:33 PM IST
Experienced pros at it
Shoaib Malik and David Miller have arrested the collapse for Peshawar. A couple of boundaries at the end of the sixth over by Miller also boost their run-rate. The two are the key to this run-chase.
PES 5/2(2.0)
08:16 PM IST
Double whammy for Peshawar
Another one for James Faulkner. He is giving Peshawar a taste of their own medicine. He delivers this one from back of his hand. He pitches it in line with the stumps and the ball jags back a touch to beat Haider Ali's bat. He is hit on the flaps of the pads and the umpire raises his finger after a prolonged appeal. Haider cannot believe it. He sends the decision upstairs but the hawk-eye shows three reds. Two wickets in the over for Faulkner, after picking three in the previous games. Haider lbw b Faulkner 3 (6)
PES 3/1(1.3)
08:10 PM IST
Much like the last game, Shaheen Shah Afridi bowled a terrific first over but it is James Faulkner who brings the first breakthrough for Lahore. Though, it is in a much different way than the last night. Kamran Akmal tries to clear the mid-wicket fence. It seems he made a good connection but he is nowhere near the desired result. Easy catch for Haris Rauf at deep mid-wicket. Shoaib Malik walks in. Akmal c Rauf b Faulkner 1 (5)
LAH 170/8(20.0)
07:51 PM IST
Eventful last over
Two sixes and two run outs. That is an eventful last over. Tim David began it with two sixes over the on-side but Umaid Asif pulls things back to keep it 15 off the over and he was helped by a couple of run-outs, both affected by himself. But Lahore must be thrilled to reach 170. At 43/4 in 10 overs, it was a farfetched total but Ben Dunk and David put on a reinvigorating stand - 81 off 50 balls. Dunk fell for 48 in the 16th over but David carried on, finishing with an unbeaten 64 off 36 balls, with three fours and five sixes.
LAH 155/6(19.0)
07:41 PM IST
29 runs off the over
Three sixes, an overthrow constituting 5 leg byes, a wide and some quick running between the wickets have brought 29 runs off the over for Lahore Qalandars. They have now crossed the 150-mark, with an over left.
LAH 135/6(18.2)
07:36 PM IST
Tim David continues to impress in his debut PSL season. After a crucial knock in a run chase last night, he is playing a key role in Lahore's comeback from behind. He stays on the back foot on this occasion and dispatches Wahab Riaz over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. That is fifty for the Singapore-born, reaching there in style off only 30 balls.
LAH 121/6(17.4)
07:32 PM IST
Another one for Allen
After a rough start, Fabian Allen has struck for the second time tonight. Fetching Ben Dunk earned him another over. Rashid Khan advances down the track and Allen fires in the yorker, targeting the stumps from around-the-wicket angle. Rashid misses, Allen hits. Rashid b Allen 8 (7)
LAH 106/5(15.5)
07:25 PM IST
Fabian breaks the partnership
Big wicket this. Fabian Allen comes on and he picks the big wicket of Ben Dunk, going against the match-up which was against him. He was smashed for a six a coupe of balls earlier by Dunk. Correcting his line, Allen bowls this one away from Dunk's arc, making the batsman fetch it from outside the line of the stumps. He gets a thick outside edge and Umaid Asif does great to run behind and hold on to the ball at point. Just what Peshawar needed. Dunk c Asif b Allen 48 (33)
LAH 96/4(15.0)
07:18 PM IST
Lahore back on track?
Two sixes in the 15th over - one each from Ben Dunk and Tim David - have taken Lahore's run-rate over 6 for the first time in this innings. Their reinvigorating partnership stands at 71 off 45 deliveries. Moreover, they have accumulated 53 runs in the last five overs with two sixes each. That is some effort but they need to continue.
LAH 80/4(14.0)
07:12 PM IST
It was nearly a six. It was nearly a wicket. Tim David goes for the pull but is short of clearing the boundary. Sherfane Rutherford, running sideways and backwards, stretched both his arms to grab the ball but the momentum might take him over the ropes. So he throws the ball up in the air, towards Fabian Allen, running in from deep mid-wicket but throws it a bit too far from Allen's reach. This was close, in interest of both the batsman and the bowling side. It would have been a big wicket for Peshawar given the partnership is brewing between David and Ben Dunk.
LAH 43/4(10.0)
06:52 PM IST
Halfway mark
Halfway mark in the innings and at 43/4, Lahore will feel they are at lest 20-30 runs short of where they should have been. Not having any of their top four batsmen to bat in the second half is certainly a big setback but Lahore would hope that the Australian duo of Ben Dunk and Tim David provide some direction to this innings.
LAH 25/4(7.3)
06:43 PM IST
What a CATCH!
Ohhh Wahab Riaz!!! After setting an example with the ball, he is doing it in the field now. A stunning catch by the skipper at mid-off. Muhammad Faizan tries to break the shackles. It is an on-the-up drive attempted through mid-off and cover. But Wahab dives to his left. He leans down. He gets both his hands to the ball and takes it inches above the ground. Curtains on Faizan's innings. A wicket for Mohammad Imran now, in his first over of the night. Everything going right for Peshawar. Faizan c Riaz b Imran 8 (21)
LAH 18/3(6)
06:34 PM IST
Peshawar on top
Peshawar could not have asked for better start. They have squeezed the scoring opportunities and have picked three big wickets in the process. There have been no lose balls and the only boundary came via an inadvertent outside edge. Three is the key number here. It is both the run-rate of Lahore and the number of wickets they have lost. They have a lot of work to do from hereon. Also, this is the lowest Powerplay score in PSL history.
LAH 13/3(4.5)
06:29 PM IST
Professor is gone
This is just getting better and better for Peshawar. Umaid Asif, in his first over, has bounced out the lynchpin of Lahore's middle-order - Mohammad Hafeez. Hafeez went for the pull on a well executed short ball from Asif. Actually, it is a slower short ball. Hafeez is through his shot too early and could only toe end it up in the air. David Miller takes the easiest of catches running in from short extra cover. Hafeez c Miller b Asif 2 (6)
LAH 10/2(3.2)
06:18 PM IST
Akhtar follows Fakhar
Mohammad Irfan with the second wicket. Just like the previous over, he draws an outside edge of the opposition captain, Sohail Akhtar's bat. The one in the last over went for four but this one ends in Kamran Akmal's gloves. Both openers gone. Double whammy for Lahore. Peshawar piles on the pressure. Mohammad Hafeez with the mantle of rebuilding the innings, alongside the youngster Muhammad Faizan. Akhtar c Akmal b Irfan 7 (7)
LAH 2/1(0.5)
06:07 PM IST
What a start for Peshawar. The captain, Wahab Riaz leads from the front. Nails his yorker in the first over and Fakhar Zaman plays all over it. Wahab hits the timber. Big wicket for Peshawar. Zaman b Riaz 1 (3)
05:41 PM IST
Zalmi opt to bowl
Peshawar Zalmi won the toss and it is no surprise that they have opted to bowl first. It is their first game in the second leg of the 2021 season and they would like to have a look at the conditions first. Lahore Qalandars had an outing yesterday and emerged victorious in a close game against Islamabad United. Since the game starts at 10 PM local time, we can expect dew to lay its effect. Lahore are playing the same XI as yesterday. The birthday boy, David Miller makes his PSL debut, for Peshawar, alongside Rovman Powell and Fabian Allen. Lahore XI: Fakhar Zaman, Sohail Akhtar (c), Muhammad Faizan, Mohammed Hafeez, Ben Dunk (wk), Tim David, James Faulkner, Rashid Khan, Shaheen Afridi, Ahmed Daniyal, Haris Rauf Peshawar XI: Kamran Akmal (wk), Haider Ali, Shoaib Malik, David Miller, Rovman Powell, Sherfane Rutherford, Fabian Allen, Wahab Riaz (c), Umaid Asif, Mohammad Irfan, Mohammad Imran
05:27 PM IST
Hello, folks. It is also one of those days. The cricket action refuses to cease and we don't mind it one bit. It is time for the second game of the double-header today in PSL 2021. Peshawar Zalmi will resume their campaign, taking on Lahore Qalandars, in Match 17. Both teams had pretty similar campaigns in the first leg of the tournament. Lahore have already made a positive start in the second leg, beating Islamabad United in Match 15 yesterday (June 9). They are at the top of the table with 8 points. Another win will take them to 10, further beyond everyone else’s reach. A win for Peshawar will take them to the top, by the virtue of a better net run-rate than Lahore. Fair to say, we can expect a tight contest tonight. (Cover image credits: Twitter/@thePSLt20)
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