Need to rotate players to create India's bench strength: Rohit Sharma

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09 Aug 2022 | 05:07 PM staff

Need to rotate players to create India's bench strength: Rohit Sharma

The India captain also revealed Rahul Dravid and him remain on the same page with regards to the direction they want to take the team forward

India captain Rohit Sharma has stressed on the importance of having a deep bench strength so that the team's future remains in safe hands. 

Since India's exit from the T20 World Cup, which saw Virat Kohli step down as captain, India have experimented with many players and now have plenty to choose from as they look to win upcoming multi-team events like the Asia Cup and the T20 World Cup.

"We play a lot of cricket, so there will be injuries and workload management, so we have to rotate players," Rohit said on Star Sports show 'Follow the Blues'.

"But it gives our bench strength to go and play the game, which is why we could try so many other guys who are ready to take that international stage and perform," he added.

"We want to create our bench strength, we want to make sure that India's future is in safe hands. That's the planning that we are trying to have."

Rohit will now lead India in the Asia Cup slated for later this month and then the T20 World Cup in Australia in October-November. Rohit says that is aim has been to keep improving everyday.

"I don't know what next to expect but for me particularly, it's just about getting better every day as a team," said Rohit.

"No matter if you win or lose the series, that cannot take priority. What should take priority is if we are getting better as a team.

"The team's goal is important and then obviously parts in it where the individuals come into play and play the role in the team's success. But whatever the team is trying to do, the individuals need to buy into that thought process and work towards that direction."

Rohit also revealed that head coach Rahul Dravid and him see eye to eye on the way they want to take the team forward. "When he became the coach here, we met and sat together in a room for a while and decided how we want to take this team forward," Rohit said.

"He was pretty much on the same thought process as me. That made it easier for me to give out a clear message to the boys because the coach and captain always need to be on the same page for the team to move in the same direction.

"One thing we have decided and have in common is we want to send the right messages and we don't want to create any confusion in the group.

"That's something we spoke about and of course, we wanted to change the style of cricket as well. We wanted to play in a certain way in all three formats and he was ready to accept all of that," Rohit said.

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