Single-handedly picked Rohit as the captain for Mumbai: Ponting

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19 May 2023 | 09:09 AM staff

Single-handedly picked Rohit as the captain for Mumbai: Ponting

The Head Coach of the Capitals opens up on Rohit Sharma's captaincy and the health of Test cricket

Ricky Ponting, the Head Coach of Delhi Capitals, feels the final between India and Australia at The Oval from June 7th will be an ultra-amazing experience for him and the fans around the world. 

In a conversation with ICC at a media event in Delhi, the former Aussie skipper believes that despite most Indian players plying their trade in the Indian Premier League, they will have an eye on the summit clash and mould their training methods according to the demands of Test cricket. 

"All the Indian players and I have Mitchell Marsh and Mitchell Marsh with me at the Capitals, even their training has changed in the last couple of weeks."

"They will not be thinking about the next IPL game, but some of them will be thinking about workload management and ensuring they have enough overs under their belt to be ready for Test cricket," he said. 

The 48-year-old also shared his experience of working with Rohit Sharma during his time with Mumbai Indians and said, "I know Rohit really well, and I had a chance to play with him and coach him."

"I was the first person to give Rohit Sharma a chance to captain the team when I stepped down as a player for Mumbai Indians. I was pretty much the one who single-handedly picked Rohit as the captain for Mumbai Indians."

"I have a lot of respect for Rohit as a captain and person. I would say that more than 50 percent of captaincy is done off the field. He cares about everyone, and when you do that, you generally get good performance out of your players."

Ponting also stated that with the increase in T20 franchise cricket around the world, it is essential that young kids aim to play the purest format of the game. 

"It is getting a harder story to tell, I must admit, with the amount of white-ball cricket the younger generations are actually seeing. The landscape of cricket is definitely changing to become a more domestic-based T20 team which I am not happy about."

"As a young boy growing up in Tasmania, all I wanted to do was be good enough to play for my club team, my state team and hopefully play for Australia in the Test format."

"Test cricket is still a benchmark for a cricketer, and to have a long-established Test career is how we judge players. Test cricket was a pinnacle, and I was lucky enough to play 168 Test matches which suggests I like it very much," he added. 

After the World Test Championship final, Australia will be involved in the Ashes series, which is set to take place alongside the women's Ashes. Speaking on the rise of women's cricket, the Aussie great said, "I think it is very simple as far as women's cricket is concerned - they have to play more."

The Australian women maybe play only one Test match a year, and they are probably one of the best sporting teams in the last 10-12 years. To promote the game, they need to be playing more and by more, I mean not One Day cricket but Test matches."

"We would love to see Australia's women's team play a Test against India a lot more, and that is where as a young woman growing up, you will learn, and before you know it, we have attracted a lot of women to play," he concluded. 

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