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01 Jan 2023 | 12:20 PM

Thankfully they didn’t change the rule: Neser after acrobatic catch

Michael Neser also recalled how Matt Renshaw’s catch from the earlier season inspired him

With just 33 runs required from the last three overs, Sydney Sixers had more than a good chance of getting crucial points in the away fixture against Brisbane Heat. But Michael Neser in the deep boundary changed the complexion of the game, leaving the internet in astonishment over his catch that since then has divided the internet.

The ball was travelling at quite a pace before Neser leapt and plucked the ball in thin air but then used his presence of mind to complete a brilliant catch. The all-rounder kept the ball, and his foot in the air before leaping to throw the ball back into the playing area to complete the catch, sending the dangerous Jordan Silk back to the dressing room. 

“I knew Renshaw did it a couple of years ago. I didn’t know whether they changed the rules and luckily, they hadn’t changed it. I did know the rule but I wasn’t sure if they changed it,” Neser said post the match, reflecting on the catch.

Back in 2020, Matt Renshaw had a similar claim to dismiss Matthew Wade. Since the dismissal, the internet has been divided, with several former and current cricketers asking for a change in the rule.

What's the rule?

According to Marylebone Cricket Club's laws, a fielder who is not in contact with the ground is considered to be grounded beyond the boundary if his/her final contact with the ground, before his/her first contact with the ball after it has been delivered by the bowler, was not entirely within the boundary. 

What happened in this situation?

Neser first made the contact inside the boundary, which is completely in accordance with the rule. Not just that, the other rule is that the fielder (Neser in this instance), can't be touching the ball and the ground at the same time beyond the boundary rope. Given that Neser was in accordance by both the clauses, his catch was well valid. 

*The Article is updated with MCC's laws of cricket

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