"This IPL has become more about what's happening on the outside", Ricky Ponting

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26 Apr 2021 | 12:46 PM

"This IPL has become more about what's happening on the outside", Ricky Ponting

The Delhi Capitals' head coach spoke about how the squad is dealing with the ongoing pandemic



 The IPL has created the "safest" bio-hub for its participants but Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting says he is also well aware of the "grim" COVID-19 situation outside the bubble in India and often discusses it with his players.

The Australian great, while admitting that IPL can be a welcome distraction in these tough times, said that COVID-19 has dominated the conversations within his team.

"This IPL, probably more than any other, has become more about what's happening on the outside rather than what's happening here. We are probably the safest people in the country probably because of the bubbles we are in," Ponting told the DC YouTube channel.

"Continually, I am asking the boys at the breakfast as to what's happening on the outside and if their families are safe, happy? That's really an important thing.

"I think IPL in a situation that the country is in, cricket can bring a lot of joy to people," he added.

However, there is no denying that state of affair is pretty gloomy at the moment as Ravichandran Ashwin has pulled out of the tournament, citing the COVID-19 "fight" his family is enduring.

"Here in DC, we are talking about being one big family and it's important that we are thinking about extended family not just us here because it's quite grim. Yes, it's hard for the players to be away from their families and I can't even imagine putting myself in the situation," said the Dc head coach.

He, in fact, didn't name Ashwin but spoke about the kind of mental state he was in before he left home after the match against SunRisers Hyderabad.

"Guys living in Chennai, they are actually at home now but can't see their families. It's incredibly difficult. The more we can share these experiences, the better off we are," Ponting said a few days before Ashwin confirmed his break from the ongoing IPL.

"We can keep our fingers crossed and hope people on the outside remain safe. Players can take care of their families on the outside and we can do whatever we can on the inside," he concluded. 

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