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Very clear on how we want to go about T20 cricket: Knight

Last updated on 24 Feb 2023 | 06:07 PM
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Very clear on how we want to go about T20 cricket: Knight

Heather Knight also reserved a special applause for the opposition team, South Africa

It was a cracking semi-final, one that saw both teams – South Africa and England – have an equal opportunity of meeting Australia in the final of the 2023 Women’s T20 World Cup. But alas, it was South Africa, who came on top at the end of the clash, by a small margin of six runs. 

Whilst it was definitely a missed opportunity, England skipper Heather Knight insisted that the team is very clear on how to approach T20 cricket in the future. Knight also reckoned that being ‘aggressive’ is the way to move forward in the fast-paced format of the game. 

“We are very clear on how we want to go about our T20 cricket, obviously hasn't come off today, but the future for us going forward, young players being really aggressive and really attacking and trying to take the game on and trying to entertain,” Knight said at the post-match presentation.

But on the game, Knight expressed her sorrow and insisted that South Africa’s planning with the ball was the biggest difference between the two sides. Knight also hailed this South African bowling unit as one of the finest groups that she has come up against. 

“Gutted, it was a brilliant game of cricket. We fought really hard at the end to try and take as close as we did. I guess South Africa with their bowling plans were really good, they had clear and simple plans and bowled straight,” she added.

“This game is one of the finest group I have ever come up against. There is a huge amount of time (for the next World Cup), we are trying to build something nicely but sometimes when you are playing against good sides these fine margins happen.”

With 13 needed off six deliveries, there was an evident hope for England to make it to the final, with Knight at the crease. But the crowd support at Newlands was lopsided, and the English skipper was in awe of the fans, who turned up in numbers to support the home side. 

“I tried to take it all in (the support from the crowd), took a moment to listen to the noise when I'm batting in the middle. Great to have so much support for the game. I'm sure the people that were there yesterday and today were thoroughly entertained and got their value for their money. I will be watching (the final), gutted not to be there but credit to Sune and team for making it to the finals.”

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