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Was well within my right: Adam Zampa on the run-out attempt

Last updated on 03 Jan 2023 | 03:23 PM
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Was well within my right: Adam Zampa on the run-out attempt

Adam Zampa also insisted that he wouldn’t be afraid of inflicting such a dismissal in the future

Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa let go a huge warning that he wouldn’t tolerate the batters trying to gain an undue advantage at the non-striker’s end. In the Melbourne derby, the Stars' skipper attempted a run-out at the non-striker’s end removing the bails with Tom Rogers out of his crease. 

However, the on-field umpire Gerard Abood adjudged it not-out, with Zampa’s arm had gone past the point of vertical where he would have been expected to bowl. This law had invariably cost Zampa of completing the run-out, as he was no longer permitted to run the non-striker out. 

Post a massive boo for the leg-spinner in Melbourne, the Australian leg-spinner clearly stated that he was well within his “right” to attempt the run-out at the non-striker’s end. However, Zampa went on to add that he wasn’t too sure on what he would have done had the decision gone through. 

"I'm not sure what decision I would have went with once the ruling had been made," Zampa told Cricket Australia. 

"But basically, Gerard said straight away 'you finished your action, I don't think it's out' so it didn't matter. As soon as Gerard said that I knew it wasn't going to be out because I'd known how far my arm had come over,” he added.

"I didn't know the (vertical) rule, I thought you actually had to let the ball go … but apparently it's if you've finished your action and they can assume you've bowled the ball then they're allowed to leave the crease."

Zampa revealed that he had seen a bit of red when Rogers had backed a long way away from the crease to pinch a quick run. 

"I was well within my rights to do it, it's in the rulebook. Mackenzie Harvey had just hit the ball and it felt like he was three metres away from Mackenzie,” Zampa added. 

"I bowled a good ball to Mackenzie Harvey, which probably should have been one if he hadn't done that. So, I thought before that ball that if he doesn't want to be on strike, I'll make it a bit easier for him,” he revealed. 

The batter Rogers, on the other hand, stated that he did wait a 'little longer' than usual in a bid to avoid the dismissal. 

"I thought I was going to be OK, but I'm not too sure about it. The umpires are doing a good job and thankfully put it not out," Rogers said. 

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