Aakash Sivasubramaniam
05 Dec 2022 | 04:58 PM

We wanted a track with some turn for spinners: Babar

Babar also spoke about how his inputs were taken prior to the preparation of the pitch

After a shambolic home display in the three-match Test series against Australia, Pakistan had a challenge in the form of the rampant English side. Before the start of the series, everything was pointing towards a slow and turning track, that would be tailor-made for some spin bowling. 

But what transpired in Rawalpindi was something that neither Babar Azam nor the fans expected – with a placid track – that proved to be a batting paradise, which was well exploited by England. In the aftermath of the 74-run loss, Babar pointed out that the team was looking for a track that had some turn for the spinners whilst revealing that his input was taken before preparation. 

"Yes my input was there in the preparation of the pitch and we made it clear what we wanted but we didn't get that because of the weather or whatever reason. But we wanted a track with some turn for the spinners," Babar told during the post match conference on Monday.

On England’s batting approach, Babar opined that he was aware of the threat but reckoned that poor bowling display from his bowlers let them down. 

"We were expecting they would continue to play like that against us. I think it becomes difficult for a captain when your bowlers are not hitting the right areas and runs are being scored both sides of the wicket. But full credit to them the way they batted in both innings," he said.

Babar yet again reaffirmed that it is very tough to make a comeback after such a daunting batting display. He also added that in the second innings, the batters put on a bad display. 

"It is never easy to comeback after the opposition scores 500 on the first day but I thought we batted well and came close to their total but in the second innings our batters didn't live up to the responsibility," he said.

"I thought we were very much in the match till after lunch today to win the match unfortunately we lost back to back wickets and that didn’t help. But Anderson and Robinson bowled outstandingly well."

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