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WI is our second team, playing against them a blessing: Ssesazi

Last updated on 08 Jun 2024 | 05:44 AM
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WI is our second team, playing against them a blessing: Ssesazi

The Uganda opener is looking forward to playing against the co-hosts given that he and many in the team are fans of the West Indies

Uganda are on a high after they pipped Papua New Guinea (PNG) on June 5 (Wednesday) to win their first-ever game at the T20 World Cup. They take on co-hosts West Indies next, and toppling them would require every member of the Ugandan team playing out of their skin. 

However, opening batter Simon Ssesazi says that the West Indies have been his and some of his teammates' second team and are looking forward to clashing with them on June 8 (Sunday) in Guyana.

"It's actually going to be historic, playing a team you've always been seeing on TV. Some of us - our role models are West Indies," Ssesazi said ahead of the West Indies tie. 

"West Indies is our second team apart from Uganda. Every time you see a West Indies player, you're like, yeah, it's like you're there. I only support West Indies in any format of the game. That means there is that attachment I have on the West Indies team. 

"And playing them for the first time in my life, it's actually going to be a blessing for me. And I believe we may not win as I say, but just wait for the underdogs. It's going to be fire."

Ssesazi also believes that everyone at the World Cup start off as equals and there are no underdogs given that T20s are unpredictable. 

"Anything can happen [in T20s]. The person you call an underdog really gives you that big bite and you feel it. So, I don't prefer big teams, small teams. In cricket, every team is the same. Reaching the World Cup means you're all on the same level. So that means you expect the same energy from the big teams and the small teams. You never underestimate any team," the wicketkeeper-batter said. 

"And depending on the wickets we are playing on, anything can happen. Anything can happen. A big dog can become a small dog, and a small dog becomes a big dog. So, there's no way you need to underestimate any team. Any game is a final. That's what we always believe as Ugandans. Every game is a final. Being you're playing a small team or a big team, you take it as a final. So, I believe it's going to be a good fight."

Uganda have been in Guyana for some time now and have formed a bond with the people. It will certainly hold a special place in their hearts given that they won their first World Cup match at this venue.

"Guyana is a good country. We have we are just enjoying the beauty of Guyana, the people of Guyana. People are very, very friendly. Everest Cricket Club is a very, very good club and I, we visited the club. Try to move around the beach and yeah, I was amazed like just first time they're seeing us for the first time and trusting us to that point, it's not really easy," Sseszai said.

"So, we just moving forward, looking forward to working with them for some good time and getting more connections in Guyana. Maybe some of our players can come in and showcase their talent because we really don't have that good facility in Uganda. But at least here, we can call it our second home. And people are very welcoming, they are very friendly, and they really love to see people grow in their game, which is what we also want as players. So, we believe it will work for us as a country and grow the game as players.

After the West Indies match, Uganda will head to Trinidad for their final group Group C match, where they will take on New Zealand on June 14 (Friday).

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