Yesterday's news is today's fish and chip paper: Bairstow

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01 Jul 2019 | 12:02 PM

Yesterday's news is today's fish and chip paper: Bairstow

Bairstow was quoted as saying that “critics want to see them lose”



Jonny Bairstow knows how to channelise his anger but he doesn’t intend to change anything about his misinterpreted statement as its value after 24 hours is that of “fish and chip” paper.

Bairstow was quoted in the British media as saying that “critics want to see them lose” and some are paid for the job. 

It was widely reported that the statement was aimed at two former skippers Michael Vaughan and Kevin Pietersen.

The opener, who is known for his plain-speaking, answered with a hundred against India and then ripped the media apart.

“Look, I’m not saying I want everyone to come out and abuse me! By no means am I saying that. At no point have I said that public is not behind us. The interview (press conference) had taken place with six, eight, 10 journalists in a very jovial, relaxed manner. To read how it was taken was very disappointing,” Bairstow said during an interaction at the mixed zone.

“But there’s nothing you can change about the past...yesterday’s news is today’s fish and chip paper, that’s the saying isn’t it,” he added.

However his skipper Eoin Morgan has no complaints as a fired-up Bairstow showed what he is capable of.

“He (Bairstow) does tend to get fired up a lot, and that suits him regardless of what’s happened during the week, any week, injuries or not. 

“He likes a bit of fire in his belly, and I don’t mind that when he comes out and plays like that and feels like the way he did. I think it’s outstanding. So we’re delighted for him,” Morgan said.  

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