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#AskCDC - In which region does SKY score most of his runs?

Last updated on 05 May 2023 | 01:11 PM
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#AskCDC - In which region does SKY score most of his runs?

Batters to average 30+ against most teams, batters against 145+kmph deliveries, and more

Welcome to's fifth weekly edition of #AskCDC.

What is Suryakumar Yadav's most scoring area? - @ssurya1696

In the IPL, Suryakumar has scored 2911 runs in 117 innings. His most productive area of scoring has been towards the mid-wicket region. He has scored 21% of his runs in this region (609 out of 2911) at a strike rate of 169. 

His next best area is towards the square leg. In this region, he has scored 17% of his runs (491 out of 2911) at a whopping strike rate of 219. Regarding strike rates, the square leg region has been the best. 

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Which batter has a 30+ avg against the most teams in the IPL? Which fielder has the best catching efficiency in the history of the IPL? Take a minimum of 30 catches. Which player has the worst and best conversion rate of 30+ scores to 50+ scores in the IPL? - @Rohan8400

First question: In the IPL, four batters have averaged 30+ against seven teams after batting 10+ innings and scoring 300+ runs. Two other batters have an average of 30+ against six teams. Among the lot, AB de Villiers is the only batter to score 500+ runs against all the teams while averaging 30+. 

Second question: In the IPL, among fielders who have taken 30+ catches, Chris Morris of South Africa has the best catching efficiency. In 39 attempts, he has converted 38 of those with an efficiency of 97.4%. 

In the top five, there are no Indians. However, Suryakumar Yadav is the only Indian fielder with an efficiency above 90%. In 71 attempts, he has pouched 64 catches with a 90.1% catch conversion. 

Third question: Among batters who have hit 15+ scores of over 50 (including a century) in the IPL, KL Rahul has the best 30 to 50 conversion rate. He has hit 53 scores of 30+ and has converted 33 into a half-century and four into a century. He has converted 37 of those 53 scores above 30 to 50+ scores, a conversion rate of 69.8%. 

Two players who perform the best against balls >145kmph. Two players who perform the best against balls <85kmps, one best on average, one best in Strike rate. Minimum 30 balls faced - @navneetnv97

In the IPL, where ball-by-ball data is available with us, Shane Watson and Kieron Pollard are the only two batters not to have a dismissal against pacers when bowled above 145kph. However, they have a strike rate of 120 and 93, respectively, after facing 60 and 53 deliveries. 

Chris Gayle has one dismissal against high-pace deliveries and strikes at 146 (127 of 87 balls).

Among batters who have faced 30+ balls against 145kph+, KL Rahul has the best strike rate (183). He has three dismissals while averaging 32.3. Ishan Kishan is the second-best batter in strike rate (182.1), scoring 71 runs at an average of 35.5. 

In the IPL, JP Duminy has the best average against spinners, with 100+ deliveries when bowled below 85kph. Sachin Tendulkar has three dismissals with an average of 78.7. 

In the same category, Glenn Maxwell has the best strike rate. In 107 balls, he has a strike rate of 196.3 with eight dismissals (26.25 avg). Gayle is behind Maxwell with 186.8 in 166 balls while averaging 62. 

What is Babar Azam's record against leg spinners? - @HarshBh73141502

In all T20s, Babar Azam has 30 dismissals in 115 innings against the leggies. He averages 38.8 with a strike rate of 123.7.

In ODIs, he averages 97.3 in 45 innings against leg-spinners. He has a strike rate of 95.7, Babar's best against a bowling type. In terms of average, only against left-arm orthodox, he has a better average (176). 

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