How many Test batsmen have batted at all batting positions from 1 to 11?

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01 Jun 2020 | 03:20 PM
authorMohandas Menon

How many Test batsmen have batted at all batting positions from 1 to 11?

In this series, your cricket-related queries will be answered by our expert statistician

How many Test batsmen have batted at all batting positions from 1 to 11? - Geetartgeet333 on Instagram

In Test cricket history only three batsmen have had this distinction of batting at all positions from #1 to #11 – Australian Syd Gregory, Englishman Wilfred Rhodes and Indian Vinoo Mankad. The first two named have the distinction of the making at least a run in each of the 11 batting positions. For the record, seven other Test players have the distinction of appearing in 10 different batting positions, thus missing out batting in just one position. Among current Test players, England’s James Anderson and Ben Stokes have batted in nine batting positions, except at the position of an opener!

The tables below provide the details of elite three who have achieved this rare feat. 

Syd Gregory (Australia) – played in 58 Tests, 100 innings from 1890 to 1912

Wilfred Rhodes (England) – played in 58 Tests, 98 innings from 1899 to 1929/30

Vinoo Mankad (India) – played in 44 Tests, 72 innings from 1946 to 1958/59

Can you name the players who scored an ODI century for India and never played a game again? - Bhavya Anjaria on Twitter

As on date, no Indian player has made an ODI century and has never appeared in an ODI match. However, the following Indian players have the distinction of making an ODI fifty and never appearing again in an ODI match.


- Khoda appeared in just 2 matches in his career

- Abid Ali also claimed 2 wickets

- Dravid played in the series after not appearing in any ODIs for almost two years before that.

- Amarnath appeared in just 3 matches in his career

- Fazal appeared in the only ODI match of his career.

- For Vengsarkar it was his penultimate match of the career. He appeared in one more ODI game, but did not get to bat!

- Sachin Tendulkar, two days before his final game, made 114 in the penultimate match of his ODI career.

- MS Dhoni is yet to announce his retirement from international limited-over cricket. His last four ODI innings in the World Cup 2019 have been – 56*, 42*, 35 and 50 – 183 runs @ 91.50!

- Both Rohit Sharma’s and KL Rahul’s final ODI innings have been centuries. They are sure to continue their international career once cricket restarts.

What are the highest Test scores by a batsman who hasn't top-scored in a Test innings? Navneet Dewra on Instagram

Sri Lankan Kumar Sangakkara’s 287 against South Africa at the SSC, Colombo in 2006 is the highest individual score by a Test batsman who did not top-score in the same innings. Team-mate Mahela Jayawardene’s 374 superseded his effort. The list below has the details of highest scores in Tests, without top-scoring.

Who are the top five Test run-getters and wicket-takers who never played any Tests in India? - Abhi5thFeb on Instagram

The following players with the maximum number of Test runs and wickets never appeared in a Test match in India, despite having a fairly lengthy Test career.

Note: England Mike Atherton has 7728 career runs, having played in just one Test in India (in 1993).

Note: Ambrose has appeared in most Test matches without have played a Test in India. He is followed by Australian Rodney Marsh (96 Tests) and England’s Godfrey Evans (91 Tests) – both wicketkeepers!

Can you give us stats on batting records of Ricky Ponting and Rahul Dravid in SENA countries - Aravind R on Twitter

Test batting records for Ponting and Dravid in SENA countries.

Note: I don’t see the logic in including Ricky Ponting's record in Australia, which is his home country.

I have given below his record in Asia, England, New Zealand and South Africa (almost equivalent to playing Tests in SENA countries)

64 Tests, 111 inns, 4609 runs, ave 43.89, 100s: 13, 50s: 22.

All records mentioned above are updated until 1 June 2020

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