Does Sachin Tendulkar still hold the record of reaching a Test century with a six on most occasions?

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04 Jan 2021 | 01:24 PM
Mohandas Menon

Does Sachin Tendulkar still hold the record of reaching a Test century with a six on most occasions?

In this series, your cricket-related queries will be answered by our expert statistician



How many Tests has Virat Kohli missed for India and what has been the result for India with and without him in the side? – Payal Mishra on Twitter

Since Virat Kohli’s Test debut for India on 20 June, 2011 at Kingston, has appeared in 87 Test matches but has missed nine Test matches, including the recent MCG Test match.


** The only full series Kohli has missed is the four-match Test series in England in 2011.

** The maximum number of consecutive Test matches Kohli has missed is in 2011, when he missed six Test in a row (4 in England and 2 in India)

Could you please let me know the win % of Test matches for each decade since the 1950s? - Praveen S. on Facebook

The list below has the details of how outright results have increased since the 1970s. It also shows how the advent of limited over cricket (both ODI and T20I cricket) has influenced Test match results.

Please confirm if Sachin Tendulkar still holds the record of reaching a Test century with a six on most occasions? If so, could you please provide details? - Ajay Khanna on Facebook

Sachin Tendulkar still holds this record in Test cricket by reaching six of his 51 Test centuries with the help of a scoring shot over the boundary ropes. The next best for a Test batsman is by England’s Ken Barrington, who did it on four occasions. The details of Tendulkar’s six centuries are provided below:

When did Test cricket turn to 6-ball over? - Ashish Deshpande on Twitter

Since 1979/80, all Tests has have played with six balls per over, when the ICC made this uniform across all countries in the world. When international cricket began in March 1877 with the first ever Test match at Melbourne, an over consisted of four balls. Since then, the number of balls per over in Test cricket kept changing country by country and season to season. The details of which are listed below. Pakistan, incidentally, is the only Asian country to adopt eight-ball overs when they hosted Test matches from 1974 to 1978. However, India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates (as a Test venue, not host) and Ireland always hosted Test matches that had six balls per overs. For the record, the only time 8-ball overs were used in India was in 1962/63 for all domestic games, but during that season no Test matches were hosted by the home side.

How many Mumbai cricketers have captained India and in how many Tests they have been victorious? – Suresh Mantri on Twitter

Since 1932, India has had 33 Test captains, of which nine of them appeared in Ranji Trophy for Bombay/Mumbai. They have the distinction of captaining India in 121 Test matches, winning 26 (win% 21.48), losing 31, with 64 Test matches drawn! As captain these nine Mumbai players have been involved in 26 Test wins out of India’s total 158 victories (win % 16.46). 

Note: Shastri and Rahane were appointed as stand-in captains for Vengsarkar and Kohli respectively. Gavaskar initially began his captaincy career as a stand-in captain in 1976 (for Bishan Singh Bedi).

All records mentioned above are correct and updated as on 2 January 2021

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