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05 Oct 2022 | 02:37 PM

"I would be interested in Virat Kohli" - Sam Mendes on another cricket-related documentary

The Academy Award-winning director said he wouldn't be interested in doing something on Anderson, Root or Tendulkar

Academy Award-winning director Sir Sam Mendes, who recently made a documentary on Ben Stokes, said he would be "interested" in making something on Virat Kohli

Calling him one of the greatest cricketers of all time, Mendes said Kohli is "another unexploded bomb" and would love to get into the mind of India's batting maestro.

The 57-year-old's documentary - Ben Stokes: Phoenix From The Ashes - was applauded by everyone and it focused on the many highs and lows of England’s current Test captain. 

Mendes said he wouldn’t want to do anything on the likes of James Anderson, Joe Root or even somebody like Sachin Tendulkar as there is no real “story” there.

“If someone would have told me to do something on James Anderson, Stuart Broad or Joe Root… I love those cricketers but I don’t want to spend time interviewing them. I am not sure I can get any more out of them,” Mendes told Peter Lalor and Gideon Haigh on their podcast Cricket, Et Cetera.

“I think I would be interested in Virat Kohli. If I am honest, he is another unexploded bomb. I think there is more there. It’s my sense, apart from being one of the greatest players I have ever seen, and a level of fame and what’s it done to him. His intensity on the field. And, the variety of responses he engenders in the opposition. That’s an interesting one.

“I wouldn’t have been interested to do Sachin. You can see, everyone seems to know what there is.”

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