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No shame in admitting my ODI numbers are quite poor: SKY

Last updated on 09 Aug 2023 | 05:32 AM
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No shame in admitting my ODI numbers are quite poor: SKY

The top-ranked T20I batter averages just 24.33 in 26 ODIs, which drops down to 14.11 in 2023

Suryakumar Yadav has bossed the T20 format since his arrival at international cricket but hasn’t really been able to crack the ODI code. The top-ranked T20I batter averages just 24.33 in 26 ODIs, which drops down to 14.11 in 2023.

In the recently-concluded ODI series against West Indies, SKY could only manage 78 runs in three innings and threw his wicket away after getting a start in every single game. The middle-order batter, who smoked 83 off 44 in the third T20I on Tuesday (August 8) to keep India alive in the series, didn’t shy away from accepting that he has been poor in the 50-over format.

"We've played so much T20 cricket now, that we have become habituated to it. We don't play as much one-day cricket anymore. That's one of the most challenging formats for me, because you need to have different gears. If too many wickets fall early on, you need to start off with a Test cricket-like approach. Then you go at run-a-ball and then take the T20 approach,” he said after India won the third T20I by seven wickets.

"Right now, I'm trying to apply what the team management has told me about ODI cricket. I'm trying to take my time and do what the team requires of me. I'll try to keep the faith that the team has shown in me. In T20 cricket, we know what to do because we play so much of it. You just need to go and express your game."

In the absence of Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul, SKY was given the No. 4 position but is now being used as a finisher in ODIs. "If I'm honest, I know my numbers in one-day cricket are quite poor. There is no shame in admitting that. We talk about honesty, you need to be honest but it's even more important how you work and improve on it,” he said.

"Rohit and Rahul bhai have told me - this is not a format that you play a lot, you need to practice a bit on what can be done for the team. We want you to play 45 to 50 balls. That's the sign from the team management, now that's on me how I want to play my game if I'm batting in the last 15-18 overs. Now, that's in my hand how to make use of this opportunity. I need to bat as per the team requirement."

Suryakumar also heaped heavy praise on Tilak Varma who has been impressive in his debut series. The young left-hander, who also plays for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League, has registered scores of 39, 51 and 49* in his first three innings. "I think he is very clear in his mind," Suryakumar said on Tilak. 

"Most importantly, he knows his game very well, what he wants to do when he comes into bat and today as well he was very clear. Mentally he is very strong and that's the most important thing when you come to the Indian dressing room and play at this level."

India won the third T20I but are still trailing by 1-2 in the five-match series. SKY said West Indies are a dangerous unit and rankings don’t really matter much in this format. "We never start out a series thinking that we will lose. Standings don't really matter. The team that plays better on the day is all that matters. And we all know how well West Indies play the T20s.

“They are one of the most dangerous T20 teams. All we wanted to do today was take responsibility, show our character and win the game for India. That's what we thought when we came out to play - not just the 11 of us, but all 15 - that we need to win today's game somehow. That's what we did today, it was fun."

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